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ESG working group in automation and technological advancement

The ESG Best Practice Working Group in Automation and Technological Advancement is chaired jointly by James Thomas (LACES) and Alex Sutton (@CRSU).

The group's activities fall into three main areas:

  • Meeting on on a monthly basis to share tools, experiences and ideas and to further understanding across ESGs
  • Sharing tools and resources on this web page
  • Developing and sharing templates for studies within a review (SWARs) for ESGs (and others) to use

The agenda for meetings in 2024 is as follows:

  • April: Alex Sutton on using R for meta-analysis and systematic review processes
  • May 16: James Thomas on collaborative work to develop guidelines for the responsible use of AI in systematic reviews
  • June 20: Andrew Booth on automation methods to assist in study selection
  • July 18: 'lightning presentations' from group members with the aim of taking stock: where are we in terms of automation? What do we need? What do we need to know?
  • August 15: Open discussion
  • September 19: large language models for data extraction (can we? should we?)
  • October 17, November 21, December 19: TBA

Meetings are open to anyone in an NIHR ESG. Please contact James Thomas if you would like to be added to the calendar invite list. 

Slides from previous meetings

Alex Sutton's talk on using R


Database of digital evidence synthesis tools



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