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Information resources relating to low-resource settings

Information resources to support evidence synthesis and use for low-resource contexts can be difficult to identify or may not be updated. We have developed an interactive map of resources to help support the identification of research studies and information to inform local contexts.

It contains details of a resource, guide or tool, such as databases of research or policy contexts, websites, search engines and resource guides. We intend for the content to be updated by crowdsourcing and are piloting a low-maintenance approach.

Click here to access the interactive map of resources.

There are various ways to view and filter the content. Please refer to the instructions in the About section in the top banner of the map.

We plan to update the resource regularly from depending on new information that is received from crowdsourcing.

Contributing to updates

We are interested in any information resource, guide or tool that relates to low-resource settings that is useful to: 
1) Discover research 
2) Provide contextual information to support research or evidence use 
3) Plan a literature search strategy 

Please complete this survey to provide details of a resource that is not already in the interactive map.

The survey contains 13 questions to help describe the resource. The answers will be used to populate the public interface, as part of a crowdsourced system. The survey responses are anonymous, and are all closed questions apart from one question where respondents can provide a description of the resource. Once a survey response is submitted there will be a time-delay before it is included within the live map.

If you have multiple entries that are similar, it may be easier to provide us with the information in an Excel spreadsheet using our template. This is provided on request by emailing us at

Suggested citation

Stansfield C, Brunton J (2023) Crowdsourced information resources relating to low-resource settings. London: EPPI Centre, UCL Social Research Institute, University College London. [date accessed]


The set-up was funded by the Partnership for Evidence and Equity in Responsive Social Systems (PEERSS) during 2022 and informed by a workshop with PEERSS partners. We are also grateful for feedback from EPPI Centre colleagues and the Campbell Information Retrieval Methods Group. 

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