About the EPPI Centre

The Evidence for Policy and Practice Information Centre is based at
the Social Science Research Unit
 within the UCL Social Research Institute,
a department of IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society.

The EPPI Centre’s mission is to promote and support collaborative, rigorous evidence for a fairer world, by focusing on:

  • Evidence synthesis methods: Developing state-of-the-art reliable evidence synthesis methods and tools,
    fusing optimised inputs from people, processes and enabling technologies. 

  • Participation: Employing meaningful and ethical approaches for people from diverse backgrounds to take part
    in generating and using evidence for the public good. 

  • Research impact: Supporting mobilisation of research knowledge so that it can be used to make a positive,
    meaningful and equitable difference to people’s lives. 

  • Capacity building: Developing skills, processes, structures and cultures conducive to research-informed policy
    and policy-relevant research.

The centre was established in 1995 by Professor Ann Oakley. Her work, spanning multiple disciplines and employing a wide range of research methods, engendered the EPPI Centre’s problem-focused approach to evidence synthesis:

“What matters is the question, and then the answer. The bit in-between the question and the answer is a long and careful process requiring much thought and judgement as well as dedicated tools and approaches.”

(Oakley, A. Foreword. In: Gough D, Oliver S, Thomas J Eds. An Introduction to Systematic Reviews. 2nd ed. Sage; 2017).


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