Founding Director



Centre Director


Ann Oakley

Founding Director of the Social Science Research Unit and EPPI Centre, Professor of Sociology and Social Policy

Interests: Gender, health, methodology and evidence-informed public policy; theories of knowledge construction.


David Gough

Director of the EPPI Centre, Professor of Evidence-informed Policy and Practice

Interests: Development of methods of systematic review and the study of research use.

Deputy Directors


Sandy Oliver

Director of the Social Science Research Unit and Deputy Director of the EPPI Centre, Professor of Public Policy

Interests: Making knowledge more democratic, through public involvement in doing and using research, and synthesising and sharing research literature.


James Thomas

Deputy Director of the EPPI Centre, Professor of Social Research and Policy, Director of the EPPI Centre's Reviews Facility for the Department of Health, England

Interests: Developing methods for research synthesis, in particular for qualitative and mixed methods reviews and in using emerging information technologies such as text mining in research.

Associate Directors


Mark Newman

Associate Director of the EPPI Centre, Reader in Evidence-informed Policy and Practice in Education and Social Policy

Interests: Developing methods and processes for systematic reviews for policy and practice decision making across social policy.


Alison O'Mara-Eves

Associate Director of the EPPI Centre, Senior Research Officer

Interests: Meta-analysis and systematic review methods; technologies to assist systematic reviewing; social psychology; education; and public health.

Rebecca Rees

Associate Director of the EPPI Centre, Senior Lecturer in Evidence Informed Policy and Practice

Interests: Synthesis of studies of people's perspectives on social phenomena and in participatory approaches to research in public health.


Ian Shemilt 

Associate Director of the EPPI Centre
Associate Professor of Evidence Synthesis Methodology

Interests: Developing, applying, and evaluating methods and automation tools to increase the efficiency of systematic review and evidence synthesis production workflows. 

Katy Sutcliffe

Associate Director of the EPPI Centre, Associate Professor

Interests: Children's participation in their health-care; approaches for integrating different types of research evidence in systematic reviews and approaches for supporting the implementation of review findings.




Mukdarut Bangpan

Senior Lecturer

Interests: Social interventions; gender, health and well-being of children and women in developing countries; systematic reviews in international development.


Melissa Bond

EPPI Reviewer Support Officer and Trainer

Interests: Systematic review methodology (particularly within the field of education), educational technology and student engagement, digitalisation, the flipped learning approach, international research collaboration, foreign language teaching and learning, the doctoral journey, and offering professional development.


Preethy D'Souza

Research Associate

Interests: International development; research networks in South Asia; international multidisciplinary reviews; machine learning.


Kelly Dickson

Research Officer


Interests: Systematic reviews in education and social care and working with review groups to undertake systematic reviews.


Sergio Graziosi

Lead Developer and Information Systems Manager

Interests: EPPI-Reviewer development and related technology; evidence synthesis methods; epistemology; cognitive science and politics.


Gareth Hollands

Principal Research Fellow

Interests: Development and evaluation of scalable interventions to improve population and planetary health (especially systematic reviews of the effectiveness of interventions to change health-related behaviours) and related methods development across evidence generation and evidence use.


Meena Khatwa

Senior Research Fellow

Interests: BAME and migrant communities, gender, families and identity; qualitative research methods, narrative and oral history; accessible and engaging research; systematic reviews, qualitative synthesis and thematic analysis.


Dylan Kneale

Principal Research Fellow

Interests: Exploring methods and practice in evidence-based policy-making; policy analysis; longitudinal analysis; neighbourhood and contextual effects; transitions to adulthood; housing and health; and ageing and ageing policy.


Irene Kwan

Research Officer i.kwan@ucl.ac.uk

Interests: Systematic review methodology and their application to the development of NICE social care guidelines.


Sarah Lester

Research Officer

Interests: Systematic reviews in health, social care and well-being; approaches to involving service users in research processes; research on research use.


Patrick O'Driscoll

Senior Programmer

Interests: C#.NET Core and Angular development for ER-Web; SQL server; computation, education, science and gaming.


Lionel Openshaw

Publications Officer

Interests: Research editorial, design and publishing; creative visual communications; digital and social media; politics and local government.


Michelle Richardson

Research Officer

Interests: Applying mixed methods to synthesise evidence in public health and health promotion; developing tools to characterise the elements of interventions.


Carol Rivas

Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Programme Evaluation

Interests: Medical sociology, multidisciplinary research methods and innovation; patient and public engagement and participatory research.


Karen Schucan Bird

Research Officer

Interests: Social research methods including systematic review methodology, and visual research in social science; gender issues, women and higher education; visual methods and knowledge exchange.


Jonathan Sharples

Professorial Research Associate

Interests: Evidence ecosystems; evidence-informed decision-making; implementation; research intermediaries and brokers; critical thinking across different fields. 


Antonia Simon

Research Officer and Programme Lead, MSc Systematic Reviews for Social Policy and Practice

Interests: Social research methods, including secondary analysis of large-scale data, administrative data and systematic review methodology; childcare; early years; children’s wellbeing; children’s diets; and trends in ethnicity and poverty. 


Claire Stansfield

Research Officer

Interests: Information management support; advice and guidance to other research projects in health promotion, international development and related fields.


Ruth Stewart

Research Officer

Interests: Research with service users, practitioners and policy-makers in health and education, facilitating and researching user-involvement in evidence-informed decision-making; international development.


Gillian Stokes

Research Officer

Interests: Medicine, public health and developing methods in evidence-based health policy; discourse analysis methods; Bakhtinian theory; intrapersonal role conflict theory; children's rights.


Janice Tripney

Senior Lecturer in Social Policy

Interests: The influence of scientific evidence for policy and practice decision-making in education and other areas of social policy; the history and politics of evidence use, and the use and methodology of systematic reviews.


Carol Vigurs

Senior Research Fellow

Interests: Diabetes education; Children and young people; Young offenders; Youth at risk; Systematic reviews; rapid evidence assessment.





Eva Jermutus

PhD Student



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