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The London Alliance for the Co-production of Evidence Synthesis (LACES) project, is one of nine Evidence Synthesis Groups funded across the UK by the NIHR.

Our ESG uses cutting-edge methods and technologies to deliver high quality summaries of research to inform health and social care decision-making across the UK. We ‘co-produce’ these summaries with relevant stakeholders to ensure that all relevant voices are heard and that they are relevant to UK decision makers.

About evidence synthesis: Local, national and international decisionmakers often use research evidence to inform decisions about how best to use resources to deliver health and social care. Evidence synthesis involves bringing research studies on a specific topic together, assessing whether they are trustworthy, and summarising the findings. When done well, it can ensure a complete, fair and reliable picture of the available, relevant evidence.

About co-production: this is underpinned by the values of being human, transparent, inclusive and challenging. Patients and the public, policymakers, practitioners and researchers work in equal partnership to ensure research studies address the needs and problems of people most affected by decisions about health and social care service delivery. Approaches to co-production differ to ensure we are working in an inclusive and accessible way, but involve open discussions, shared decision making and working together to develop research outputs.

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