The following provide resources on the 'why and how' of systematic research synthesis.

Evidence-informed policy and practice

We do not undertake research synthesis as an abstract exercise; there is a purpose: to inform policy and practice. This section focuses on these issues.


Our book on systematic reviewing provides a description of the methods used at each stage of a systematic review. Click through to order 'Gough D, Oliver S, Thomas J (2017) An Introduction to Systematic Reviews, (2nd Edition) by Sage.

We also have a paper describing how reviews vary and how they are part of broader evidence ecosystems.

This Libguide on systematic reviews introduces key elements of systematic reviews and provides links to various resources on the topic.



The EPPI Centre’s comprehensive software tool for supporting all stages of the review process. It can be used for a wide range of types of review and includes information technology to speed up the review process.

Other tools 

The tools page provides information and links to various data coding and management tools and guidelines.


The EPPI Centre provides and is involved in supporting a number of databases containing primary research studies and evidence reviews, many of which have been used in EPPI Centre systematic reviews.

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