PublicationsResearch reports
EPPI-Centre primary research and other forms of research synthesis

The following reports are available to download:

A scoping review characterising the activities and landscape around implementing NICE guidance (2016)

This review sought to investigate the strategies used to implement NICE guidance in routine practice, and particularly to examine the impact of implementation strategies operationalised by national level organisations and networks.

Identifying and appraising promising sources of UK clinical, public health and social care real-world data (2016)

In this project we intend to collect the views of experts in the field around which are the most promising sources of routinely-collected real-world data for assessing health and social care interventions and practice.

Other EPPI-Centre research on evidence use:

Piloting and producing a map of Millennium Cohort Study Data usage: Where are data underutilised and where is granularity lost? (2016)

This is the first review using systematic methods that has examined how UK Millennium Cohort Study data are utilised. To fit within the remit of the study, we hone in on ten priority question areas.
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