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Using the Map – EPPI-Mapper version

There are various ways to view the map content. Please take a brief moment to familiarise yourself with the various options.

1) Quick start:
The number of squares in 'mosaic view' (or the size of the circles in 'bubble view') represents the number of records of systematic reviews within each cell. To view these records, click on the cell of interest. You can also click on a column or row header to view all the records relating to that row or column.

2) View and filter the appearance of the map:
It is possible to filter the view of the map by clicking on the 'Filters' tab and selecting one or more sub-groups within the following categories: 1) 'Version(s)'; 2) 'Research Question(s)'; 3) 'Gender(s)'; 4) 'Countries'; and 5) 'Policy Response(s)'. 

Where more than one sub-group is selected within each category the default mode is set to 'OR', so that filtering is applied to any of the selected items within that category. For example, in the 'Research Question(s)' category, if the sub-groups 'Process / cause' and 'Views / perceptions' are selected, then any citation described by either sub-group is displayed. 

When selecting sub-groups across categories the default mode is 'AND'. For example, if the 'Gender(s)' sub-group 'Male only' is selected, along with the 'Research Question(s)' sub-groups 'Process / cause' and 'Views / perceptions', then only those records focusing on process/cause or views/perceptions in males will be displayed. 

All of these settings can be changed using the filtering selection mode and then clicking 'update'.

3) Explore citations from the map:
Click on the cell of interest to view a list of records represented in that cell. You can also click on a column or row header to view all the citations relating to that row or column. For example, to view all of the records that focus only on the topic 'Economics', click on the column heading titled 'Economics'. For all of the records focused on the population 'Children & young people', click on the row heading titled 'Children & young people'. To view the full set of reviews, click on the 'View Records' tab on the banner above the map.

Within the 'View Records' tab it is possible to filter the records in two ways:

a) The filters on the left side correspond to the individual rows and columns in the map and the user can select or de-select these to view the records that correspond to these cells; or

b) The options on the top right banner enable the user to search by word or phrase in the 'title', 'abstract' or 'authors' fields of the records.

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