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Living map of systematic reviews of social sciences research evidence on COVID-19

This living map is being maintained by the EPPI Centre as part of our role in the ESRC International Public Policy Observatory (IPPO), which aims to mobilise global knowledge to address the social impacts of COVID-19. It contains bibliographic records of systematic reviews of social sciences research evidence on COVID-19 - organised by topic(s), population(s), and other selected review characteristics.

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About this Map – Version 18 (26-08-2022)

This living map is being continuously maintained using OpenAlex Browser tools, hosted in EPPI-Reviewer WebThe latest version of the map – Version 18 – was published on Friday 26th August 2022.  An updated (final) version will be published on the last Friday of next month (Friday 30th September 2022).

Suggested citation:
Shemilt I, Gough D, Thomas J, Stansfield C, Bangpan M, Brunton J, Dickson K, Graziosi S, Hull P, Kneale D, Larsson C, Mendizabal-Espinosa R, Muraki S, Ramadani F, Vigurs C, Wang P (2022). Living map of systematic reviews of social sciences research evidence on COVID-19. London: EPPI Centre, UCL Social Research Institute, University College London.

The ESRC International Public Policy Observatory (IPPO) on COVID-19 is supported by a grant from the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) [Grant Number: ES/V016938/1]. Any views expressed in this publication are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the IPPO or the ESRC.

Submitting studies:
If you know of a published systematic review (broadly defined - see 'About this Map') of social sciences research evidence on COVID-19 that is not yet included in the map, please send an e-mail to - headed 'IPPO Living Map' - containing the following bibliographic details: 'First author', 'Year', 'Title', 'Journal' or 'Source', 'DOI' and/or 'URL'.

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