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Cultural understanding
This page contains the findings of systematic reviews undertaken by review groups linked to the EPPI Centre

One review [1] has investigated the use of art education in cultural learning (the formation and exploration of identity and understanding of diversity).

Two art instructional strategies were used to achieve cultural learning. In the first, learners in multiethnic learning environments exchanged and discussed personal artworks with each other; in the second, they intensively studied culturally-specific, non-western and/or hybrid arts and crafts. The selection of cultural content, art media and visual resources differed in these two models.

There is some evidence that cannot be generalised that the cultural identity of minority group learners may be advanced where art practices from their own cultural groups are engaged with and presented. There is less evidence that culturally-different curriculum content contributes to learners’ perceptions of others’ cultural identity.

There is tentative evidence that studies of art and cultural-based learning reflect the national policies towards multiculturalism in the country in which they are carried out. However, this is only on the basis of research from two countries: the United States and Canada.

1. A systematic review of the contribution of art education to cultural learning in learners aged 5–16 (2006)

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