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School-based partnership in initial teacher education
This page contains the findings of systematic reviews undertaken by review groups linked to the EPPI Centre

One review investigated the partnership aspects of school-based ITE.[1] Partnerships involve collaboration and co-operation between Higher Education Institutions and schools, with the objective of providing quality initial teacher education experiences for trainee teachers. Because the weight of evidence was low, these findings should be considered tentative:

  • Trainee teachers’ professional development is supported by regular constructive feedback. Regular oral feedback offers the chance for constructive dialogue between the trainee teacher and supervising teacher on issues of immediate concern and practical relevance. Written feedback is linked more with long-term development and identification of aspects that the trainee should strive to improve in the longer term.
  • The following professional skills are supported and developed through experiences in which two students are placed together in a single classroom: organisation and management, compromise, communication, problem solving, sharing tasks and teamwork.

Another systematic review [2] reported on the benefits to students of increased time in school and mentoring. These benefits included confidence due to longer placements and continuity of experience, and more help from staff in schools. In response to the longer school placements, students mostly welcomed extra time in schools, but many also said that they were short of time for subject and professional studies. There was evidence that the mentors’ role in assessment of students produced variable results (too lenient or too harsh) and that quality-assurance procedures needed further enhancement. As a result of longer school placements and changed roles of mentors, increased demands on schools were acknowledged. Again, these conclusions were considered tentative.


1. Which school-based elements of partnership in initial teacher training in the UK support trainee teachers’ professional development? (2003)

2. Organisational structures, management processes and conceptual framework in initial teacher education: a systematic review (2007)

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