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Assessment in initial teacher education
This page contains the findings of systematic reviews undertaken by review groups linked to the EPPI Centre

School-based experience

One review investigated formative assessment during school-based experience.[1] However the quality of the evidence was low, so the findings must be considered tentative.

  • Portfolios are a collection of work and reflection which student teachers compile during their training.  They were found to increase personal and professional growth and development; allow teachers to express themselves creatively; provide an unprecedented insight into the mind of the student teacher; create a strong bond between the assessed and the assessor; and increase the confidence, reflective capacity and self-awareness of the trainee. 
  • However, excessive use of the portfolio may cause the education community to lose sight of pedagogical ability and focus too much attention on cognitive ability and clarity, as well as reflective capacity. In addition, there is a tension between the time needed to undertake the portfolio well and its ultimate worth.


1. What is known about successful models of formative assessment for trainee teachers during school experiences and what constitutes effective practice? (2003)


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