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Welcome to the EPPI Centre Blog, we hope you will enjoy contributing to the discussion. Our comments are managed through the Disqus platform. Disqus is a global commenting facility that comes with a few crucial advantages:

  1. Spam filtering can be done automatically and reliably.
  2. Allows users to have one single "global" login and use it to comment on many separate websites.

The use of Disqus means that, in order to comment on the EPPI Centre blog, you will need to set-up a Disqus account. This can be done in just a few clicks. Note that you can use your Facebook, Twitter or Google credentials to set up a Disqus account, meaning that we are not forcing you to remember yet another username and password.

Please do:

  • Post on-topic comments, adding different perspectives.
  • Ask questions, challenge the points made by the main article.
  • Add links and content that is closely related to the original article. Only restriction is the topic.

Please don’t:

  • Use inappropriate or inflammatory language, post personal attacks or incite hatred. Such behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Allow the discussion to drift off-topic.
  • Write a long essay and post it as a comment. Comments are conversations. If you do wish to write a longer reply, our advice would be: first, see if you can post it via your own channels, and link to it in a comment (we would want to read it!). If you don't have access to an appropriate channel, please do get in touch with us and ask for your reply to be published as a distinct article.  We will consider all proposed blog posts and will submit all proposed articles to our normal peer review and editorial processes.
  • Post comments that infringe copyright, or any other UK/international laws. Anonymity is allowed (albeit not encouraged), however impersonating someone else is strictly forbidden.
  • Try to use comments for commercial advertising and/or similar aims.

Please also see the Disqus Terms and Conditions, as well as their own commenting guide.
The EPPI Centre reserves the right to delete or edit users comments in order to enforce this policy. Anyone who violates this Comments Policy may be blocked from commenting on this blog. We are open to criticism, but will not tolerate abuse. If you wish to raise an issue, please contact the blog editors.

The EPPI Centre Blog is edited by Gillian Stokes and Sergio Graziosi.

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