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Microsoft Academic Graph in EPPI-Reviewer

Welcome to the MAG Browser Portal 

Microsoft Academic  is a large Open Access (OA) repository containing >228 million OA bibliographic records of research articles from across science – connected in a large network graph of conceptual and citation relationships: the Microsoft Academic Graph  (MAG). Microsoft makes the MAG dataset available (updated every 10 days) for 3rd party use under a creative commons license.

EPPI-Reviewer now contains a copy of the full Microsoft Academic dataset and we have released a suite of new tools within EPPI-Reviewer – MAG Browser v1.0 – to enable users to access the full Microsoft Academic Graph and evaluate its performance for efficient study identification in systematic reviews and other use scenarios.

The MAG browser will soon be part of EPPI-Reviewer. It is currently live on our test server, so we may be able to offer you a preview if you get in touch. If you would like us to let you know when the tool goes live on the main installation of EPPI-Reviewer, please drop us an email.

If you do not yet have an EPPI-Reviewer account please see About our Fees  and About Support.

* EPPI-Reviewer online systematic review software is available ‘free at the point of use’ to Cochrane authors and Campbell authors (via an Archie authentication) for use in the production of both new and updated Cochrane or Campbell reviews.

Download the MAG Browser v1.0 User Manual here.

Download a step-by-step introductory guide on Using MAG Browser and MA Graph Search for Research & Development in EPPI-Reviewer here.

We are planning to develop a series of short instructional videos for MAG Browser – once available links will be posted here on this portal.

MAG Browser v1.0 includes MA Graph Search v1.0 - a new ‘graph search’ tool (an ensemble machine learning classification algorithm) that aims to harness relationships, structure and other features of MAG Network Graphs to identify ‘target’ MAG records with high levels of recall and precision. 

MAG Browser v1.0 and MA Graph Search v1.0 are still very much “works in progress” and we are making these tools available with the primary aim of supporting further their research and development in a range of potential use scenarios. They cannot yet be considered tools ready for general use in all systematic reviews. MAG Browser v1.0 should therefore be treated as ‘Beta’ software and we welcome feedback on how it performs in different use cases and/or how it might be improved. 

Please send all feedback on MAG Browser v1.0 and MA Graph Search v1.0 via e-mail to – including ‘MAG’ in the e-mail subject line.





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