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Trial Access

A free one month trial of EPPI-Reviewer is available. You'll just need to create a user account. (No payment or other extraneous details are taken. Your data will not be shared with any other party and will only be used for access to EPPI Reviewer and regarding EPPI Reviewer / the EPPI Centre.)


Creating a trial account

To create a trial account go to the EPPI-Reviewer Account Manager. On this page click on the New account button.

You should then enter your name, a user name and an email address. You need to enter you email address twice for confirmation. The username must be unique and at least 4 characters long. The email address must also be unique as it is our method of communication with the user.

Now click on the Create button. The program will generate a password and send it to the email address you have entered. You can then log into EPPI-Reviewer Web at https://eppi.ioe.ac.uk/EPPIReviewer-Web/.

When you create a trial account a small example review is also created under your name. You will see this review when you log into EPPI-Reviewer. You are free to browse and edit this example review to explore many of the programs functions.

There is an instructional video on how to create a user account here.

The only system requirements to run this program is that you must be connected to the internet and your computer will need to be running a modern web browser (e.g. any recent version of Firefox, Safari, Edge or Chrome).

If you wish to edit your account details, return to the Account Manager and log in using your EPPI-Reviewer username and password. Once you have successfully logged in you will find yourself on the Summary page. On this page you will find details on your account and reviews and be able to edit those details.


Trial Account Conditions

Trial access gives the user access to EPPI-Reviewer for one month. With a trial account the user is able to create an unlimited number of non-shareable reviews. A non-shareable review has only one user in it; the person who created the review.

Please note: if you wish to trial the software using a shareable review (i.e. a review with more than one user) please contact us at eppisupport@ucl.ac.uk. We will be able to make your review shareable.

Support is available to trial users, so please do ask if you have any questions via this support email address. We will answer as quickly as we can and aim to respond to questions within 1 working day.

At the end of one month your user account will expire and you will be restricted to read-only access to EPPI-Reviewer. You will still be able to log into the 'EPPI-Reviewer Account Manager' if you wish to purchase further access.

You can regain full access to EPPI-Reviewer at the end of your trial period by extending the expiry date. This will require purchasing further account access and further review access if you are using a shareable review. Any work that was carried out during the trial period will still be available once further access is purchased. Full details on purchasing access and the fees can be found on the About our fees page. A brief video covering purchasing further access can be found here.


NOTE: Trial accounts can be used to access EPPI Reviewer 4, our previous version of EPPI Reviewer. However, we recommend you use EPPI Reviewer Web unless you need one of the few features we have yet to complete in the newer version. Either version can be used to access your reviews and you can collaborate with others on the same review regardless of which version they are using. (Both versions use the same underlying databases and anything you do in one version will be reflected in the other.) However, EPPI Reviewer 4 does require a legacy browser and Microsoft's Silverlight browser add-on. Further details can be found on our Documentation page (including set-up instructions) and Main page.

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