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EPPI-Reviewer 4 fees

EPPI-Reviewer is a ‘not for profit’ service which we make available to support people doing systematic reviews. We are not a private company but rather a research unit at the Institute of Education, University of London. The fees that we charge are a contribution to our costs for infrastructure, development and support of the software.

The EPPI-Reviewer 4 fees are based on a subscription model.

User fee: £10* per month

There is a user fee of £10 per month. This fee gives the user access to the software and the ability to create and maintain an unlimited number of non-shareable reviews. A non-shareable review is a review that only has one person in it (the account holder). We believe this setup will be attractive to students or researchers on small budgets. 

Shareable review fee: £35* per month

If a user wishes to have a shareable review (a review that can have more than one user) then there is a review subscription. This fee is £35 per month per review. All users in a shareable review must have active user accounts. By having separate review and reviewer fees the review owner will have more control of the costs by only paying for reviewers as they are needed. We realize that a project might need a number of users for screening or coding but then not need them during the analysis stage. 

For example a shareable review with 3 users for 6 months would cost:
1 shareable review x £35 per month x 6 months = £210
3 user accounts x £10 per month x 6 months = £180
Total fee: £210 + £180 = £390*

*UK VAT to be added for European purchases

Site license

For organisations carrying out multiple reviews with many users our monthly subscription model could become a challenge to administer. We now offer site licensing for these situations. 

In the site license model you specify the length of the license (normally one year), the number of shareable reviews you need and the number of users who will be working in the reviews. You have full control of the license allowing you to add and remove users from the license as required.

The major advantage is that the reviews never expire as long as the license is renewed. Upon renewal you will be able to edit and update all of your original reviews along with the new reviews that make up the renewal which is where real savings can be made. The details may change at each renewal, but this won't affect existing reviews.

For enquiries on site licensing please contact us at EPPISupport@UCL.ac.uk.

Online purchase

Our online payment system is now operational. It can be accessed through the Account and Review manager. For an instructional video on how to use the online shop please see the video 'Purchasing EPPI-Reviewer access online' that can be found on our YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/eppireviewer4). A list of all instructional videos can be found here.

Invoice purchase (updated June 26, 2019)

If you prefer to use the more traditional invoice and payment method we will need a name, postal address, email and phone number of the person or organisation to send the invoice to. Please contact us at EPPISupport@UCL.ac.uk with this information if you wish to purchase access in this way. The minimum invoice purchase is £100 (starting on June 26, 2019).

Please note that from June 26, 2019 there will be a £25* surcharge applied to all invoiced purchases under £500. If you use the online shop for smaller purchases you can avoid this surcharge.

*UK VAT to be added for European purchases


Please see the About support page for details on support.

We have found that researchers that are new to systematic reviews and reviewers using EPPI-Reviewer 4 for the first time but working under a tight deadline will find direct support to be very helpful.

Account and Review Expiration

When your user account or your shareable review expires you will be restricted to read-only access to EPPI-Reviewer 4. You will still be able to log into the 'EPPI-Reviewer 4 account and review manager' if you wish to purchase further access and/or manage review membership.

All users can regain full access to EPPI-Reviewer 4 at any time by extending (purchasing) the appropriate account and review(s).

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