EPPI-Mapper is our tool for visualising ‘maps’ of research evidence. Built initially to support the Campbell Collaboration’s evidence gap maps, it is available for all EPPI-Reviewer users at no charge.

EPPI-Mapper currently uses an exported JSON file from EPPI-Reviewer to generate a map. The user simply selects which references and coding they wish to map within EPPI Reviewer. This can be saved as a JSON file. The mapping tool then creates the map from the JSON file, rendering it as an interactive HTML file viewable in any modern web browser. The resultant map can be shared or made available on the web. (We will support more import formats in the future.)

The tool is stand-alone software that creates a map of your review data. It is accessed via an easy-to-use wizard.

The process is demonstrated in this brief video. We also have a tutorial, recorded at the recent What Works Global Summit 2022 (co-hosted by The Campbell Collaboration and Campbell UK & Ireland). Further training materials are listed below..

You can see an example map here.


Training Materials
  • Webinar on creating interactive evidence gap maps (recorded June 2021) -:
  • Introduction to creating interactive evidence gap maps and EPPI-Vis web databases
    (PowerPoint presentation)
  • Hands-on practice task for creating an interactive evidence gap map using EPPI-Mapper
    (Task instructions)
  • Hands-on practice task for creating an EPPI-Visualiser web database
    (Task instructions)


EPPI Visualiser

EPPI Visualiser is another way to display information from your reviews. The visualiser is set up on a per review basis and works from our live databases, so shows the current information in your review. Any changes to your coding will be reflected when someone looks at your visualisation. The visualisation is hosted on our EPPI Reviewer servers, and so there are no further distribution or hosting considerations (whereas a map needs to be distributed to viewers via email, file share or web page. In addition, viewers can select which codesets are shown on any visualisation, as well as being able to see any pre-configured visualisations you may choose to set up.

An introductory video on EPPI Visualiser can be found here.

An introductory document on using EPPI Visualiser can be found here.

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