The fees for EPPI-Reviewer do not include direct one-to-one support or training. However, we do include a support via the email address eppisupport@ucl.ac.uk. We aim to respond within 1 working day.

Our documentation includes brief but informative instructional videos, a list of which can be found here.

Direct support

Direct support is available for a fee. This would include activities such as helping set up the review, help with importing of search results, and review specific help/suggestions about optimal use of the software.

We have found that researchers that are new to systematic reviews and reviewers using EPPI-Reviewer for the first time but working under a tight deadline will find direct support to be very helpful.

Please note: Review specific questions or data recovery due to user error fall under the definition of direct support. We will need to charge for these activities.

  • A full day of support (7 hours), that can be spread out over the length of a project has a fee of £500*
  • Hourly support is available for £80* per hour

    *UK VAT to be added for European purchases



Individual or group training sessions can be arranged on request. This can often prove useful and aid efficient take-up of the software if starting a large collaborative project or your team is moving to EPPI Reviewer.

Charges would be similar to Direct Support, with any associated costs added.


If you have any questions about our support policies or wish to purchase support, please contact us at eppisupport@ucl.ac.uk.

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