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EPPI-Reviewer 4
December 2012

EPPI-Reviewer 4
EPPI-Reviewer 4 is our software to support all types of literature review, including systematic reviews, meta-analyses, 'narrative' reviews and meta-ethnographies.

You can create your free trial account and find full details about the program on the 
EPPI-Reviewer 4 gateway

If you have created a trial account in the past and would like to try EPPI-Reviewer 4 again please contact us at EPPIsupport@ioe.ac.uk and we can restart your trial for you.

What's new?

Coding onlyCoding only mode

The Coding only interface is designed to simplify your coding tasks by using your coding allocations to direct your work in an optimised interface. It also allows true double blind coding / screening by ensuring that different reviewers cannot access each other's work when the coding tool is set for multiple data entry.

You can enter the coding only interface by clicking the coding only button in your list of reviews.

A review administrator can restrict a reviewer to the Coding only role meaning they will not have the option to load the review using the normal interface.

For more details on Coding only please see the User manual, the coding only video or the How to section below.

Adjustable panelAdjustable code description panels

You can now adjust the height of the code description panel that sits below the codesets in the Codes tab and the Document details window.

You no longer need to scroll up and down in a short panel to see the text or guidance that was entered for a particular code and can now click-hold on the top of the panel to stretch the panel as tall as you wish.

This was a much requested addition to the program and we are pleased to have been able to make it available in our last update.

If you have ideas about what we could do to make EPPI-Reviewer 4 easier to use please contact us at EPPIsupport@ioe.ac.uk. We are always happy to hear from our users.

Duplicate highlightsDuplicate checking highlights

The user interface in the duplicate checking screen has been updated to help you identify duplicates more quickly.

The master item fields are now arranged in the same fashion as the other items in a duplicate group. This will make visual examination of the items easier.

More importantly, the differences between the master item and the currently selected group member are now highlighted in real-time. Whenever a field (Title, Authors, etc.) is different, the text on the master item is highlighted with one of four different background hues. The brighter the hue, the larger the difference detected.


For more details on this feature please see the User manual.

How to...

How to ...use the Coding only interface.

The Coding Only interface is designed to simplify your coding tasks by displaying only what is needed to undertake coding (screening or data extraction etc). The aim is to enable review administrators to assign work to individuals in their teams and for those people to complete their coding without: a) needing to learn the whole EPPI-Reviewer interface; b) be able to see what other people are coding (thus facilitating truly independent screening and data extraction); and c) being able to change any information in the review, apart from the codes they are assigning.

A review administrator can restrict a reviewer to the Coding only role meaning they will not have the option to load the review using the normal interface.

In order to use the Coding only interface, you should first set up each reviewer's coding assignments in the Collaborate tab. For details on setting up coding assignments please see the User manual

Entering the coding only interface
Entering coding only interface You can enter the coding only interface by clicking the Coding only button in your list of reviews.

The Coding only interface presents the user with the My info tab and an edited Documents tab.

My info tab
My info tab

The My info tab will display your reviews and your coding assignments. The system will automatically select and highlight the first cell of 'Remaining' items from your work allocations and then load those items in the Documents tab. Clicking in any of the other cells in the work allocation table will pull up those items.

Documents tab
Document tab

In the Documents tab you can still arrange and sort the listed items as normal but most of the function icons are no longer visible to restrict access to other areas of the software. As with the normal interface you can proceed to the Document details window by clicking on Go for any of your listed items.

Document details window

Dcoument details window When you enter the Document details window the codeset corresponding to your work assignment is selected and expanded so you know which coding tool to use. The Auto advance and Hotkeys functions are visible and available since the Code / codeset properties icon has been removed.

In the Coding record tab you can still View your own work but the ability to see other reviewer's work has been removed. The Run comparison and Live comparison buttons have also been removed allowing for true double blind coding when the codeset is set for multiple data entry.
Coding record tab

Assigning the Coding only role

A review administrator can assign a member of their review the Coding only role. This is done in the 'EPPI-Reviewer 4 account and review manager'. On the Summary page of the review manger select Edit for your review and then check the Coding only box to assign the role to a particular reviewer. That reviewer will now be restricted to entering the review using the Coding only interface.
Assign coding only role

For more details on Coding only please see the User manual or the coding only video.

Each month we highlight how to use some of the more commonly used functions. If there is a topic you would like us to cover please contact us at EPPISupport@ioe.ac.uk.



Tips Search functions

If you select an existing search in the Search tab and then right click a code in the Codes tab you will see the option Remove items in selected searches from this code. This is a simple way to identify and group items that have been assigned one code but not another.

The option Assign items in selected searches to this code is available as well. The options available when right-clicking a code can vary depending on the tab you are in.


Fixes We test all changes that we make to EPPI-Reviewer but sometimes things slip past us.

We noticed a scenario where Crosstabs was picking up excluded, deleted and shadow items. It should only collect included items so this was fixed in the last update.

We also found that when removing a code from an item, if the code was also applied to some full-text, an error would be shown. This is now fixed as well.

Our new EPPI-Centre book!

An Introduction to Systematic Reviews

An introduction to Systematic Reviews This timely, engaging book provides an overview of the nature, logic, diversity and process of undertaking systematic reviews as part of evidence informed decision making.

A focused, accessible and technically up-to-date book, it covers the full breadth of approaches to reviews from statistical meta analysis to meta ethnography. It is ideal for anyone undertaking their own systematic review - providing all the necessary conceptual and technical background needed to make a good start on the process.

The book examines topics such as:
 - Approaches to reviewing
 - Getting started
 - Using information systems, such as EPPI-Reviewer, in a review
 - Gathering and describing research
 - Appraising and synthesising data
 - Making use of reviews/models of research use

Easy to read and logically structured, this book is essential reading for anyone doing systematic reviews. EPPI-Reviewer users should find the chapter on information management to be very relevant.

The book is available through most outlets including Sage (the publisher) and Amazon.

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EPPI-Reviewer 4 is developed and maintained by the EPPI-Centre at the Social Science Research Unit at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK. To find out more about the work of the EPPI-Centre as well as information about how to do systematic reviews, please visit our website http://eppi.ioe.ac.uk or follow us on Twitter @EPPICentre. EPPI-Centre IOE



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