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Instructional videos

We are now adding EPPI-Reviewer 4 instructional videos to our  channel.  Please visit www.youtube.com/user/EPPIReviewer4

 The 14 videos currently available include:

EPPI-Reviewer 4 example systematic review

This video looks at the example review that was placed under your name when you created your EPPI-Reviewer 4 account. You are free to explore and edit the example review to learn about EPPI-Reviewer's many functions.

Time: 8:29

Easy introduction to EPPI-Reviewer 4

This is brief introduction to EPPI-Reviewer 4. It can be used in conjunction with the Easy introduction in the user manual.

Time: 3:56


EPPI-Reviewer 4 demonstration review

This video looks at a demonstration systematic review and how it might be set up within EPPI-Reviewer 4. It provides an overview of the many functions available in EPPI-Reviewer 4 and shows how it can help you manage your systematic review.

Time: 9:08

Create/edit an EPPI-Reviewer 4 user account

This video will guide you through the steps of creating a user account and then editing your account details.

Time: 3:30

Create account 

Inviting a user into your review

This video will show you how to invite a user into your shareable review.

Time: 1:13


Purchasing EPPI-Reviewer access online

This video will guide you through the process of using our online shop to purchase EPPI-Reviewer access.

Time: 5:25

Importing references into your review

This video will show you have to bring references into your review. This includes manually creating an item, importing saved search results and running a PubMed with EPPI-Reviewer. It also looks at maintaining your search log.

Time: 3:47

Using the RIS EXPORT utility

This video will show you how to convert your search results into an RIS formatted file. The converted file can then be imported directly into EPPI-Reviewer. This utiltiy is used when you cannot find the correct import filter in EPPI-Reviewer 4.

Time: 4:41

Duplicate checking in EPPI-Reviewer 4: Part 1

This video demonstrates how to use the duplicate checking functions in EPPI-Reviewer 4. It is Part 1 and covers the basic duplicate checking functions. Part 2 (coming soon) looks at the Advance and Manual duplicate checking functions.

Time: 3:22

Screening - Part 1: single data entry

Screening - Part 1 demonstrates single screening in EPPI-Reviewer 4. It looks at different ways of setting up a screening tool, allocating studies for screening, screening/coding the studies, and ways of managing full text retrieval. Part 2 looks at multiple data entry (double screening).

Time: 6:55

Screening - Part 2: multiple data entry

Screening - Part 2 demonstrates double screening in EPPI-Reviewer 4. It shows how to allocate items for double screening, carry out double screening, completing the agreements and reconciling the disagreements. We advise watching Part 1 before watching Part 2.

Time: 7:11

 EPPI-Reviewer 4 coding only interface

This video looks at the 'Coding only' interface of EPPI-Reviewer 4. The 'Coding only' interface is designed to simplify your coding tasks by using your coding allocations to direct your work in an optimised interface. It also allows true double blind coding or screening by ensuring that the different reviewers cannot access each other's work.

Time: 3:15

Running reports in EPPI-Reviewer 4

This video looks at the reporting functions in EPPI-Reviewer 4 and how they can be used to present your categorical, textual and numeric data in a wide variety of formats. These formats include Frequency, Crosstab, Coding and Summary reports.

Time: 8:21

Line by line pdf coding in EPPI-Reviewer 4

This video will look at the the line by line pdf coding capablilities of EPPI-Reviewer 4. EPPI-Reviewer 4 allows line by line coding directly on your uploaded pdfs. The reviewer is able to highlight relevant areas of text and assign codes to that text to help identify analytic and descriptive themes in that text. This information can then be presented using different report formats including conceptional relationship diagrams.

Time: 6:21

Accessing EPPI-Reviewer using your Archie credentials

This video is for Cochrane review authors who already have an Archie account but do not yet have an EPPI-Reviewer account. As part of the Cochrane CAST program Cochrane authors can now have free access to EPPI-Reviewer to work on their Cochrane reviews.

Time: 3:35


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