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Resources relating to COVID-19

This list of resources was compiled by Melissa Harden, from the University of York, with input from other members of the NIHR Policy Research Programme Reviews Facility. (Back to our online map of research relating to COVID-19) Please note, we have compiled this list as part of our surveillance work on COVID-19. We do not claim the list is exhaustive, or that the content of every resource is accurate. The list simply aims to help those looking for research on COVID-19, and users should assess for themselves the relevance and reliability of each source.

We will update it once a week or thereabouts. Last update: 19 June 2020.


Last updated

Search strategy available?

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COVID-19 databases (including living maps and trial trackers)

Cochrane COVID-19 study register daily Y Daily searches of and the WHO's International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) and weekly searches of PubMed  – see website About section for further details  
COVID-19 Evidence Reviews 17 June 2020 N Searches of LitCovid, COVID-19 Portfolio Search, WHO COVID database, CEBM Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service, Cochrane, ECRI COVID-19 Center, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools, McMaster University, INHATA member organizations, PROSPERO, CEBM Questions Under Review, and the Cochrane COVID Rapid Review. Catalog of COVID-19 related reviews provided by the VA Evidence Synthesis Program. Includes completed and in progress reviews by evidence synthesis groups from US and around the world. Some are tagged as meeting minimum quality standards.
COVID-19 Research Project Tracker 17 June 2020     Live database of funded COVID-19 research projects from around the world from UK Collaborative on Development Research (UKCDR) and Global Research Collaboration for Infectious Diseases Preparedness (GLoPID-R)

COVID-19:A living systematic map of the evidence



Searches of EMBASE and Medline

Methods described in the About section of the map


COVID-19 Research Articles Updated daily, Mon-Fri Y Systematic searches of various bibliographic databases and hand searching selected grey literature sources. See website under methodology for full details of search strategies used and sources searched Provided by The Stephen B. Thacker CDC Library. 51,068 articles 18/06/2020.

COVID-19 TrialsTracker

16 June 2020 N Search of WHO's International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)  
COVID-19 vaccine development pipeline 18 June 2020 N WHO COVID-19 vaccine landscape document,Milken Institute COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine Tracker, Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, Developed by the Vaccine Centre at LSHTM to follow COVID-19 vaccine candidates as they progress through the development pipeline
COVID-evidence 6 May 2020 Y Searches of PubMed, LitCovid, WHO Covid-19 database, trial registers, preprints – see website for further details. PubMed search strategy can be found in protocol here: A living database of trials of interventions for COVID-19
COVID-NMA 18 June 2020 Y Searches of WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP),, EU Clinical Trials Register, PubMed, MedRxiv, OSF, contact with experts.  Search strategies available in protocol here. To conduct living mapping of ongoing research on COVID-19 followed by a living network meta-analysis of study results

Living Overview of the Evidence: Coronavirus COVID-19



Searches of various databases including Epistimonkos, PubMed,, ISRCTN – full list of sources and methods described at:

673 systematic reviews and 6252 primary studies, 19/06/2020

Norwegian Institute of Public Health systematic and living map on COVID-19 evidence Searches updated daily/every other day Y Searches of PubMed supplemented by searches by WHO, CDC and others – see About section of the map. 

Search strategy for PubMed available in protocol here.

Public Health England COVID-19 Register 12 June 2020 na na Register of PHE led studies since February 2002. Access via PHE Finding the Evidence: Coronavirus page - scroll down to 4th heading “PHE led COVID-19 studies”
TranspariMED 9 April 2020 NA NA  Useful guide to emerging sources and collections of COVID-19 studies. Updated on an ongoing basis

WHO 2019 COVID database

Updated daily (Mon-Fri)


Searches of bibliographic databases, hand searching, and expert-referred scientific articles. Multiple search strategies under continual revision are used.

33,564 citations on COVID-19  19/06/2020. All references are available to download into Excel or reference management software. New search interface available.

CYTEL map of ongoing clinical trials 4 June 2020 Y WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform, European Clinical Trials Registry,, Chinese Clinical Trial Registry, German Clinical Trials registry, Japan Primary Registries Network, Iranian Clinical Trial Registry, and Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry. 1476 trials 13/05/2020
LitCovid Updated daily N   Curated literature hub containing articles from PubMed on 2019 novel Coronavirus. Categorised by research topic and geographic location. 23,401 articles 19/06/2020
LIVIVO COVID-19 Collection ? N See for sources searched to populate the collection. Search portal containing studies on COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2
NIHR Innovation Observatory Updated daily N Searches of, WHO ICTRP, EU Clinical Trials Register, CHiCTR, China Trial Registries, GlobalData, Foundation for Innovation New Diagnostics Database of ongoing clinical trials of therapies and diagnostic tests relating to COVID-19

Other relevant databases

Global Health and CAB Abstracts




Coronavirus collection available for 3 months free of charge – see instructions on homepage.

GIDEON (Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Online Network)




Infectious diseases database made available for free via Ovid (not open access)

COVID-19 datasets

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19)

Updated weekly


"COVID-19" OR Coronavirus OR "Corona virus" OR "2019-nCoV" OR "SARS-CoV" OR "MERS-CoV" OR “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome” OR “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome” used to search PubMed PMC and bioRxiv and medRxiv pre-prints.

Free resource of over 130,000 scholarly articles, some with full text, about COVID-19 and the coronavirus family of viruses. From PubMed PMC, WHO, bioRxiv and medRxiv pre-prints.


COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge (CORD-19)

19 June 2020


As above

Datasets and notebooks for an AI challenge using the above dataset

Rapid reviews

Cochrane COVID Rapid Reviews n/a n/a   5 completed rapid reviews, 4 in progress.
Cochrane Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group n/a n/a n/a Summaries of Cochrane Reviews from EPOC and other groups relevant to COVID-19
ECRI COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Assessments n/a n/a   Collection of evidence assessments undertaken by ECRI on clinical topics relating to COVID-19

Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service


18 June 2020



Collection of rapid reviews in response to questions from GPs on Covid-19.

Living Evidence Repository for COVID-19




Preliminary reports and systematic reviews published by COVID-19 L·OVE group


McMaster NCCMT COVID-19 Rapid Evidence Reviews n/a n/a   Collection of research questions for rapid evidence reviews currently in development with links to final reviews once complete
NIHR Applied Research Collaboration West  n/a n/a   Currently 15 evidence reviews by teams of researchers from various groups across the West of England.
UNCOVER (Usher Network for COVid-19 Evidence Reviews) n/a n/a   Rapid reviews completed in short time-scales by Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh

Evidence briefings

COV-ID Alert – PHE Knowledge and Library Service




PHE Knowledge and Library Services produce a daily alert containing links to research and news on the latest coronavirus outbreak. Contains latest research articles and news from government departments. Email to be put on mailing list.

Epistemonikos Foundation COVID-19 Blog

18 June 2020



Evidence-based answers

Evidence Aid Coronavirus evidence collection

18 June 2020



Plain language summaries of research within the categories of diagnostics and epidemiology, health and social care systems and services, infection prevention and control, social consequences of pandemic and treatment

Institute of Development Studies Health Evidence Summaries 18 June 2020     Daily summaries of COVID-19 research to support DFID and UK government response. 
McMaster COVID-19  Evidence Alerts Daily N Searches of MEDLINE Daily alerts of articles from MEDLINE relating to COVID-19 clinical care, critically appraised and assessed for clinical relevance by researchers and clinicians from McMaster.
Office for National Statistics COVID-19 roundup Daily     Summary of insights into latest ONS data and analysis on COVID-19 and effects on society and economy. Sign-up available for daily email alerts
PHE Behavioural Science Reference Cell Literature Report 12 June 2020 N   Weekly report of latest research on COVID-19 relating to behavioural science.

PHE International Epidemiology Daily Evidence Briefing

17 June 2020



Daily evidence briefing of new COVID-19 evidence (articles, pre-prints etc.). Evidence organised into 7 themes (diagnostics and genomics, epidemiology and clinical, infection control, treatment, social sciences, miscellaneous, and modelling).

The Strategy Unit Weekly Y See individual summaries for sources searched. Search strategies can be viewed via the live search links. Evidence summaries on covid-related topics (6 so far on care homes, lifting restrictions, rehab, screening and testing, broader impacts and impacts on non-covid services). Also includes live evidence searches for each topic and weekly alerting service for new evidence on each topic.

Auto-searches in other databases

Australian Library and Information Association Live searches Y Search strategies appear in search box of PubMed once you run a search  Automatic PubMed searches on various topics relating to COVID-19

bioRxiv / med Rxiv preprints

5402 hits




COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 preprints from medRxiv and bioRxiv (not peer reviewed).


CADTH COVID-19 search strings   Y See website Search strategies for use in PubMed, MEDLINE and LitCovid developed by information specialists at the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Healthcare (CADTH)

2207 hits 19/06/2020


"wuhan coronavirus" in condition field (automatically searches for these terms in addition: 2019 novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, COVID-19)


Disaster Lit

(alternative link)

479 hits 19/06/2020


(coronavirus AND novel) OR (Wuhan OR ncov)


1692 hits 19/06/2020


(coronavirus AND novel) OR (Wuhan OR 19-ncov OR COVID-19)


Elsevier – ScienceDirect

4693 hits 19/06/2020


Coronavirus OR "Corona virus" OR "2019-nCoV" OR "SADS-CoV" OR "SARS-CoV" OR "MERS-CoV" OR “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome” OR “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome” (in title, abstract or author-specified keywords)

Options to further filter results. Free access to all articles for next 6 months.

Elsevier - SSRN

1063 hits 19/06/2020



Preprints (not peer-reviewed) articles on COVID-19

Free to download articles.



6395 hits



covid-19 OR sars-ncov OR coronavirus OR mers-cov

Link from here


EU Clinical Trials Register

239 hits 

Y covid-19  

Journals@Ovid Full Text

6101 hits 19/06/2020



Strategy by Ovid Expert searchers - see website under expert searches

MEDLINE (Ovid)/Journals@Ovid

24,922 hits






25,632 hits

Y   Strategy by Ovid Expert searchers - see website under expert searches
Ovid Discovery About 199,000 hits 19/06/2020   (Coronavirus OR 2019-nCoV OR nCoV OR COVID-19)

Searches following resources:




LWW Journals & Books


Open Research Library



Options for further filtering of results



Updated daily

Human: 1347 hits 19/06/2020

Animal: 5 hits 19/06/2020


(((coronavirus or corona-virus) AND (wuhan or beijing or shanghai or Italy or South-Korea or korea or China or Chinese or 2019-nCoV or nCoV or COVID-19 or Covid19 or SARS-CoV* or SARSCov2 or ncov)) OR (pneumonia AND Wuhan) or "COVID-19" or "2019-nCoV" or "SARS-CoV" or SARSCOV2 or 2019-nCov or "2019 coronavirus" or "2019 corona virus" or covid19 or ncov OR "novel corona virus" or "new corona virus" or "nouveau corona virus" or "2019 corona virus" OR "novel coronavirus" or "new coronavirus" or "nouveau coronavirus" or "2019 coronavirus" OR (MeSH DESCRIPTOR Coronavirus Infections EXPLODE ALL TREES) OR ((MeSH DESCRIPTOR Coronavirus EXPLODE ALL TREES) AND (wuhan or beijing or shanghai or Italy or South-Korea or korea or China or Chinese or 2019-nCoV or nCoV or COVID-19 or Covid19 or SARS-CoV* or SARSCov2 or ncov))) NOT Animal:DB


(((coronavirus or corona-virus) AND (wuhan or beijing or shanghai or Italy or South-Korea or korea or China or Chinese or 2019-nCoV or nCoV or COVID-19 or Covid19 or SARS-CoV* or SARSCov2 or ncov)) OR (pneumonia AND Wuhan) or "COVID-19" or "2019-nCoV" or "SARS-CoV" or SARSCOV2 or 2019-nCov or "2019 coronavirus" or "2019 corona virus" or covid19 or ncov OR "novel corona virus" or "new corona virus" or "nouveau corona virus" or "2019 corona virus" OR "novel coronavirus" or "new coronavirus" or "nouveau coronavirus" or "2019 coronavirus" OR (MeSH DESCRIPTOR Coronavirus Infections EXPLODE ALL TREES) OR ((MeSH DESCRIPTOR Coronavirus EXPLODE ALL TREES) AND (wuhan or beijing or shanghai or Italy or South-Korea or korea or China or Chinese or 2019-nCoV or nCoV or COVID-19 or Covid19 or SARS-CoV* or SARSCov2 or ncov))) AND Animal:DB
Auto-searches from homepage allow searches for human or animal systematic review protocols relating to COVID-19. Additional filtering by topic area available. PROSPERO is fast tracking any registrations of systematic reviews relating to COVID-19


23,626 hits 19/06/2020


2019-nCoV OR 2019nCoV OR COVID-19 OR SARS-CoV-2 OR ((wuhan AND coronavirus) AND 2019/12[PDAT]:2030[PDAT])

See:  - MESH supplementary concept  of "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2" (and mapped to heading Betacoronavirus)  is also picked up by the following entry terms:

2019 novel coronavirus


COVID-19 virus

COVID19 virus



Wuhan coronavirus

Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus

coronavirus disease 2019 virus

Social Care Online

43 hits

Y Covid COVID-19 research relating to social care and social work


(not open access)

707 hits



TITLE-ABS-KEY ( “Wuhan coronavirus” OR “Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus” OR “COVID19*” OR “COVID-19*” OR “COVID-2019*” OR “coronavirus disease 2019” OR “SARS-CoV-2” OR sars2 OR “2019-nCoV” OR “2019 novel coronavirus” OR “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” OR “2019 novel coronavirus infection” OR “coronavirus disease 2019” OR “coronavirus disease-19” OR “novel coronavirus” OR coronavirus OR “SARS-CoV-2019” OR “SARS-CoV-19”) AND ( LIMIT-TO ( PUBYEAR , 2020 ) )

GIDIF-RBM (the Italian Association of Health Librarian and Information Specialists)





1514 hits 



covid-19 or "novel coronavirus"

Search recommended in Trip blog

Web of Science Core collection

(not open access)

9186 hits 19/06/2020


TS=(“Wuhan coronavirus” OR “Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus” OR “COVID19*” OR “COVID-19*” OR “COVID-2019*” OR “coronavirus disease 2019” OR “SARS-CoV-2” OR SARS2 OR “2019-nCoV” OR “2019 novel coronavirus” OR “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” OR “2019 novel coronavirus infection” OR “coronavirus disease 2019” OR “coronavirus disease-19” OR “novel coronavirus” OR coronavirus OR “SARS-CoV-2019” OR “SARS-CoV-19”) Refined by:PUBLICATION YEARS: ( 2020 )


GIDIF-RBM (the Italian Association of Health Librarian and Information Specialists) via:




WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform

3580 records 




Topic search on 2019-nCoV/COVID-19 - access via Excel spreadsheet of all COVID-19 studies in registry (updated 16/06/20)



Specific URLs

Last updated


Journal / Publisher Collections





Research, news, editorials, opinion pieces from BMJ collections (including BMJ speciality journals) relating to COVID-19

BMJ Best Practice




June 2020


Overview of coronaviruses



May 2020

Links to related sections on MERS, SARS

Management of coexisting conditions in the context of COVID-19 June 2020  

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews


COVID-19: Critical care



14 May 2020

Cochrane reviews relevant to management of people hospitalized with severe acute respiratory infections.

Updated on an ongoing basis.

From 23 March 2020 free access for everyone in any country to Cochrane Library

COVID-19: Infection Control and prevention measures



14 May 2020

Cochrane Reviews relevant to prevention of infection. Updated on an ongoing basis.

COVID-19: Effective options for quitting smoking during the pandemic

11 May 2020 Cochrane reviews relevant to quitting smoking. Updated on an ongoing basis
Coronavirus (COVID-19): regional anaesthesia to reduce drug use in anaesthesia and avoid aerosol generation 14 May 2020 Cochrane reviews relevant to regional anaesthesia. Updated on an ongoing basis.
COVID-19: remote care through telehealth 9 June 2020 Cochrane reviews relevant to telehealth. Updated on an ongoing basis

COVID-19: optimizing health in the home workspace

19 June 2020 Cochrane reviews relevant to maintaining health and wellbeing when working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Updated on an ongoing basis
EBSCO      COVID-19 Information Portal from EBSCO




17 June 2020

Guidance and clinical information.  Access to research articles in Elsevier journals.  Some information from China, including some in Chinese, from sources including the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Also includes official guidance from a number of countries.


Emerald Publishing



Expert briefings, journal articles, book chapters, relating to Coronaviruses and epidemics more broadly.  The scope of research topics range from areas such as legal and ethical lessons from SARS in 2003, to public health approaches to global issues, and impacts of SARS on tourism.

JAMA Network      
Joanna Briggs Insttiute    ?  Free access to collection of systematic reviews by JBI on COVID-19

The Lancet




Lancet content on COVID-19

Mary Ann Liebert




10 free articles on coronaviruses from journal Health Security.

National Library for Medicine





Updated daily

LitCovid is a curated literature hub for tracking scientific information about the 2019 novel Coronavirus. Access 706 articles. Categorised by research topic and geographic location.

The New England Journal of Medicine




Oxford Academic Journals



OUP journal articles, book chapters on coronavirus and related topics


Springer Nature




Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene



6 articles relating to outbreak of coronavirus. New articles to be added in future.





Wolters Kluwer

16 June 2020



(additional link)


11 June 2020 

Literature review on Coronaviruses




15 June 2020

Literature review on COVID-19

  16 June 2020 Free access to further clinical effectiveness COVID-19 resources from UpToDate

Publication lists

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)



18 June 2020

Publications relating to COVID-2019

CERAH COVID-19 Scientific Resources



8 May 2020

Publications listed according to date

Prevent Epidemics


Updated daily

Coronavirus bibliography – download in excel (x1242 articles)


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



18 June 2020


China Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Tracking the Epidemic

(alternative link)



19 June 2020

Numbers of cases and deaths. (English)

CIDRAP – Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy





Bibliography, recent news, online resources on Covid-19

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control









(change Location at the top of the screen to China and then you will see current alerts, to the left.  You can also search for specific cities)

Imperial College London COVID-19 Response Team   na  All output from the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team, including publicly published online reports, planning tools, scientific resources, publications and video updates.

John Hopkins University CSSE




Real-time visualisation and tracking of reported cases of 2019-nCoV

Related blog post:


The New Humanitarian



19 June 2020

Article on tracking the global response to coronavirus outbreak.

Office for National Statistics (UK)



19 June 2020

Latest datasets, articles and compendiums relating to COVID-19




19 June 2020

Global reporting of COVID-19



19 June 2020

Estimated current numbers based on statistics and projections from official organizations including the UN Population Division, World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank.

Guidelines - compilations
ECRI COVID-19 Clinical Guidelines    June 2020 Guidelines from nationally and internationally recognized medical organizations and medical specialty societies, evaluated by the ECRI Guidelines Trust team.
Health Education England   18 June 2020 Comprehensive COVID-19 collection put together by Health Education England covering resources from UK Royal Colleges and other professional UK bodies.
UptoDate     Compilation of links to international and government-sponsored guidelines from several countries and regions around the world.


Australian Government Department of Health


17 June 2020


Australian Medical Association


28 February 2020


Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress 



Factsheets/guidance on wellbeing of people during coronavirus outbreak



18 June 2020

Social and behaviour change resources on coronavirus

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


13 May 2020

EU guidance on infection prevention and control during management of suspected and confirmed case of 2019-nCoV infection.

Evidence aid – guidelines on Novel Coronavirus

Chinese guidelines

13 June 2020

Compiled by Lanzhou University

Italian guidelines

5 March 2020

Compiled by Cochrane Drugs and Alcohol Group Italy

Japanese guidelines

8 June 2020

Compiled by Bukkyo University

Health Protection Scotland


18 June 2020

Information and guidance on COVID-19 for Scotland

Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


12 May 2020

Website available in English. Information and guidance on COVID-19 from Japan

Korean (South) Ministry of Health


 19 June 2020

Some guidance information in English on COVID-19.

Mexico Coronavirus Alert




National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE)



Rapid guidelines and evidence reviews

New Zealand Ministry of Health


15 April 2020

Factsheets and guidance for health professionals on COVID-19.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control


29 February 2020

Public health advice to Nigerians

Case definitions


Public Health England/Department of Health and Social Care   1 June 2020 UK Guidance

Royal College of General Practitioners


20 March 2020

Guidelines and resources on COVID-19 for GPs.

Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology


19 June 2020

Guidelines for healthcare professionals on COVID-19 infection and pregnancy.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society


22 April 2020

Guidance for pharmacists.

Social Care Institute for Excellence    June 2020 Collection of COVID-19 guidance relevant to social care

The Transplantation Society


16 March 2020

Guidance on Coronavirus disease 2019 for transplant clinicians.

US Occupational Safety and Health Administration Department



Information for workers and employers about the evolving coronavirus outbreak.

WHO technical guidance

Technical guidance



WHO guidance relating to COVID-19



WHO guidance on getting your workplace ready for COVID-19



12 January 2020

WHO – emergency preparedness response

Information network


Advice and information on COVID-19 from WHO’s Information Network for Epidemics (EPI-WIN)

Background / additional sources

5Minute Consult



June 2020

Summary info on 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

ALNAP   ? ALNAP is a network of humanitarian organisations. Their COVID 19 Response Portal contains guidelines, tools, papers and lessons learnt
Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) Link   Research related to COVID-19 from CADTH and other organizations.
  Link 20 May 2020 Curated list of freely available evidence-based sources of grey literature for health professionals, librarians and researchers. Prioritizes Canadian resources and high quality rapid knowledge syntheses. List also available to download as a report in Word

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



19 June 2020

Main CDC website for COVID-19

EBSCO Dynamed




European Economics Association   19 June 2020 Economic research register that includes projects in progress on prices, labour supply, employment, household savings, consumption, attitudes/sentiments, theoretical/quantitative economic modelling of COVID-19.
Evidence Synthesis Ireland   26 March 2020 COVID-19 Evidence Synthesis Resources

Global Health Network



Coronavirus outbreak knowledge hub

Health Education England  
Central repository of searches and search strategies relating to COVID-19 carried out by search experts from across the UK.
The Health Foundation     Includes COVID-19 policy tracker - description and timeline of national policy and health system responses to COVID-19 in England, and COVID-19 chart series exploring the various impacts of the pandemic.
HESG COVID study database     UK Health Economists’ Study Group has set up a database of studies relating to COVID-19 to support research prioritisation.

International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infection Consortium (ISARIC)



ISARIC provides a collaborative platform through which global, patient‐oriented clinical studies can be developed, executed and shared.

John Hopkins Center for Health Security


17 June 2020

Covid-19 resources for public health, clinical, and public policy practitioners.

LTCcovid     Reports, summaries of evidence, policy and practice measures relating to the impact of COVID-19 on long-term care. UK and international.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine



News, events, videos etc. from LSHTM on COVID-19

McMaster Guide to COVID-19 evidence sources      

MEDBOX rapid response toolbox



Collection of the most important guidelines and resources, situation reports, communication tools, laboratory guidance, etc., including documents important for Infection & Prevention Control IPC, risk communication or Prevention & Preparedness.

Microsoft Academic


16 March 2020

Explains services from Microsoft Academic relating to COVID-19, including COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) – see above under COVID-19 datasets.

Nuffield Foundation     Current ongoing social policy research projects relating to COVID-19 funded by Nuffield Foundation

Prevent Epidemics


26 May 2020

Website by Resolve to Save Lives providing country-level data on epidemic preparedness.

Lippincott Nursing Center



17 June 2020

Summary information for nurses

NIHR Urgent Public Health COVID-19 studies     COVID-19 studies in progress across the UK

NCBI Insights





Genome information

PHE Daily Status Updates

Information for the public


Daily status updates on number of UK cases

Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE)     Scientific evidence supporting the UK government response to COVID-19
UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence   20 May 2020 Blogs, briefing papers and webinars on issues in housing relating to the current pandemic


Main COVID-19 website



Main WHO website for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

Coronaviruses more broadly



Main WHO website for coronaviruses

Wellcome Trust


17 June 2020

Media statements issued by Wellcome in response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in Wuhan, China, its spread to other countries and the declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization.

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