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Short course/MSc module
Research Engagement, Participation and Impact*

This course provides participants with knowledge and skills to help ensure research and policy address issues of concern to the public, practitioners and policymakers. With an increased expectation on researchers to justify and articulate the impact of their research on wider society, the module will have a broad appeal to both established researchers and social science students who are planning a career in research. It will also be of interest to policymakers and practitioners in public and voluntary services. The module draws on theoretical literature and empirical research from the area to provide a broad base of understanding. It is taught online, and requires participation in individual and group activities over a total of 12 weeks. 

Topic areas for the course include:

  • the boundaries between research, policy, practice and personal lives
  • the diffusion of ideas across boundaries
  • doing research to inform decision-making
  • making decisions informed by research

On successful completion of this course you will be able to conduct and use research collaboratively in order to promote change for better health, education or well-being.

This module is run as a fully online course (details)

This course complements the introductory course Systematic reviews: diversity, design and debate and the advanced course Systematic reviews: meta-analysis, qualitative synthesis, and mixed methods synthesis

'This module is extremely timely. Research impact is rising rapidly up the agenda across the world in many public service sectors. If the application of evidence is to lead to significant improvements in practice and better outcomes for citizens, many parties - in practice, policy and research - need to be engaged in joint ventures.'
Dr Andrew Morris, Education consultant

'This course has been well organised and well thought through.  I would not hesitate in recomending this to anyone working or interested in policy and research.'
R Smith, Biochemical Society

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Entry requirements:

  • Direct entry requirements: Second-class degree in health, education or another area of social science or social policy, or other professional qualification e.g. for teaching, police force, health care, social work.
  • Qualifying tests/papers for applicants not meeting direct entry requirements: If you have qualifications other than those specified above you may be eligible but we may ask you to take a qualifying test.

Module title: Research Engagement, Participation and Impact (dates)

Master’s programme: MSc in Systematic Reviews for Public Policy and Practice; MSc in Social Policy and Social Research 

Name of module tutor: Rebecca Rees

Assessment method (for those taking the module as an MSc course): Coursework

Credits (for those taking the module as an MSc course): 30

*course previously called Participative research and policy

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