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Course fees - institutions

A quick summary of our conditions are that the course funder:

  1. Identifies persons within your own organisation responsible for deciding on the nature of the contract with the UCL Institute of Education with their full contact details. 
  2. Manages the registration of participants including: collection of basic information on participants for statistical purposes; printing and collation and distribution (one week prior to the course) of course materials for participants; distribution and collection of our course feedback form. 
  3. Provides appropriate lecture rooms and PowerPoint presentation facilities. If on line access for participants is an agreed part of the course, then also the provision of on line computers for participants working singly or in groups. 
  4. Conforms to our full conditions including cancellation charges

Please note that any off site course is not profit making for the commissioner/ local organiser and if participants are charged any fees then these are no higher than the fees charged by the IOE's Social Science Research Unit.

Details are also available about Payment methods for workshops, our Terms and conditions for course bookings and our Refund policy.

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