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Sexual health of young people
This page contains the findings of systematic reviews undertaken by the EPPI-Centre Health Promotion and Public Health Reviews Facility
  • Sexual health interventions which provide skills-based information and are delivered by same-age peer leaders in college settings have been shown to be more effective in bringing about positive changes in the knowledge and attitudes of university students (but not behaviour), as compared to adult health educators.[1]
  • Peer delivered interventions in community settings which are developed in partnership with young people and take into consideration some of the wider social and cultural determinants of health can be successful in increasing the practice of safe sex amongst young people (aged over 18) at enhanced risk of adverse health outcomes.[1]

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1. A review of the effectiveness and appropriateness of peer-delivered health promotion interventions for young people  (1999)

2. Targeted youth support: Rapid Evidence Assessment of effective early interventions for youth at risk of future poor outcomes (2008)

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