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Effectiveness reviews in health promotion. Summary

This study investigated the methods used to conduct reviews of the effectiveness of health promotion interventions. It was carried out over a six-month period and funded by the Department of Health. It aimed:

  1. to compile and describe a register of completed and ongoing effectiveness reviews in different areas of health promotion;
  2. to describe and compare the review methods used;
  3. to determine how different review methods may affect the conclusions drawn about effectiveness;
  4. to make recommendations for how effectiveness reviews in health promotion should be carried out.

Though the work necessarily had to focus on particular areas of health promotion (i.e. accident prevention in older people, sexual health promotion, workplace health promotion), common methodological concerns apply throughout the field. Hence, this study is relevant to the broad range of health promotion specialists irrespective of their area of expertise.

This report should be cited as: Peersman G, Harden A, Oliver S, Oakley A (1999) Effectiveness reviews in health promotion. London: EPPI Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London. 

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