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EPPI Reviewer 6

EPPI Reviewer 6 is the latest version of our software, designed to run on any modern web browser and across web-enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets - useful for screening on the move!

Most of our resources are now in the form of brief instructional videos and short documents covering particular functions of the software. Our ER 6 playlist can be found here.

A PowerPoint presentation covering the basic features of ER 6 can be found here.

A brief introduction to ER 6 can be seen in the following presentation -:


ER 6 - Instructional Videos


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General Videos


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Machine Learning in EPPI Reviewer 6


A specific guide to the Machine Learning facilities available within ER 6 is available here. A separate document on Priority Screening can be found here. We also have a specific guide to using Classifiers in ER 6 here.

An introduction to using Microsoft Academic / OpenAlex (auto-updating & surveillance) in EPPI-Reviewer is available here. Further information can be found here.

The Clustering tool, which uses text-mining and hierarchical organisation to automatically code references, is documented here.

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Additional Documentation


  • Importing References -: A detailed document on importing references can be found here.
  • Finding full-text papers -: We cover finding full-text papers using reference management software here.
  • (For using Google Scholar via institutional access, please see this document.)
  • Confused about exclude codes and the Exclude FLAG? Check out the document on Flags.
  • Codes - an introduction.
  • Codes and codesets - further information.
  • Importing Standard Codesets - a quick guide.
  • Outcome Codes - for setting up and utilising Outcome codes in ER 6. 
  • Entering numerical and outcome data - more details.
  • Terms Tool - highlight relevant terms when screening 
  • Hot Keys - using Hot Keys to select codes
  • PRISMA Diagrams - creating diagrams of your review

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Training Materials & Webinars


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You can also access our instructional videos via our  channel here.

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