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New Post
29/11/2010 12:48

I need to be able to work off line for a bit - not sure I can do this with the database (ideally I want to download my review onto my laptop and be able to use a read-only version offline). Given that is unlikely, I'd like to print full records of my 15 included studies, with all my codes and info.  Is this possible? And if not, could it be made possible?



New Post
29/11/2010 15:09

Hi Ruth,

this is possible through reports, even if it is a little tricky. The basic principle is to create a report of type "Multiple" and force all coding information you are interested in to appear in the report.

The "Multiple" mode makes all first level children of a code appear in the report. What is not handy is that it will not crawl down to second and lower level sub-codes. This is not a huge limitation as it can be done quite quickly by hand.

1. Create a report and name it after a code set (make sure it's of "Mutiple" type).

2. Add a column to the report, call it "Root" and drag the codeset into it.

3. Expand the codeset and add all codes that have children to the report. You can add a new column for each branching level or add all nodes in the same column, I guess this is a matter of personal taste.

root _ Code1 _ Code2
     |       |_Code3
     |_Code5 _ Code6
             |_Code7 _ Code8

In the example above, you will want to include "root", "Code1", "Code5" and "Code7".

4. Save the report, select all documents you wish the report to run against and run the report.

You will have to repeat this process for all codesets you might need, but considering that this is something you need to set only once I guess it should not take too much time.

My considerations:

- Even if it is possible to extract all coding data in this manner, I am sure we will find a better way to deal with this kind of "show me all" needs. Please keep an eye on the latest changes announcements to learn when these features will be published.

- For very large reviews (10K+ of included studies), such reports may fail to run because of timeout issues. In such cases, please report to us (via this forum or email) and we will fix the reporting mechanisms for you whenever possible.


-- EPPI-Reviewer support team --


New Post
01/12/2010 00:17
Hi Ruth, I've added a new report that should go live tomorrow that should do what you need. You select the documents you want included and the report will give you all the data from all (or some) of your data extractions. You can download the whole review using this method if needed - the only limitations are the 700 document page size and the memory available in the web browser. James.
New Post
07/12/2010 12:14

Hi there - I have tried to use this function but it doesn't seem to work. I tick the code set I want the report for, but the reports I get relate to a different code set than the one I selected.

Best wishes, Kristin

New Post
07/12/2010 13:37

Hello Kristin,

I'm not sure if I understand your question. I just tried this and it appears to be selecting the correct codeset (the one I checked).

The items selected will need to be marked as completed for their coding to appear in the report.

Best regards,


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