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17/02/2020 02:54


if I want access to someone else's review they have shared with me can I just extend my own subscription for 10 euros or do I have to buy the 35 euros for shared-reviews? Or is it both? I am new to ePPI reviewer so any help getting me back access to the review would be appreciated.


New Post
17/02/2020 12:25

Hi Hassan,

If someone else wants to share a review with you, they would first have to pay the 35 pound fee and then they can add you to their review. If they have already sent you an invitation, they have probably already paid this fee and you now need to sign up to EPPI-Reviewer in order to access it. We offer one month free access to new users, but after that, you would have to pay a monthly fee of 10 pounds. There is more information about our fee structure here.

You can sign up via our Account Manager, and we have a brief instructional video on doing this available at

If you haven’t already, I would strongly suggest that you check out our instructional videos, which cover a range of EPPI-Reviewer features.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our support email:

Kind regards,

Mel Bond

EPPI-Reviewer Support Officer

HomeHomeGetting started...Getting started...Questions about...Questions about...Shared ReviewsShared Reviews

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