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06/04/2012 18:56



I am having some trouble with keywording. I have looked at the tool and cannot apply this as my project is not educational research. I will have to devise my own I think. I presume that this is then set into a coding tool ?

When I start keyword coding it seems that each record will have  several codes assigned. Must there be  tick for each code/category ?

I have about 800 records to keyword so cannot do on full text. How common would it be to keyword on abstract alone ?

What is difference between coding and keywording ? Is this not just a second level coding exercise which will be summarsed in the 'get frequencies' function for that code set ?






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09/04/2012 19:54

Hello Margaret,

When you say keywording tool I am assuming you mean one of the keywording tools that you can find on the EPPI-Centre website.  Although the one you are looking might be education based it can be used as an example of how a person would construct their own keywording tool. You will probably need to create your own keywording tool based on the subject matter of your review.

The example keywording tool is different that a screening/inclusion/exclusion type of coding tool in that it is used to collect general information about the studies rather than determining if the study should be included or not. Determining a studies inclusion status would normally be done using a screening tool.

As for the difference between a coding and keywording tool, it depends on what you mean by 'coding' tool. We consider keywording tools and data extraction tools types of coding tools. We use a keywording tool if we are creating a 'map' of our studies. It is different to a data extraction in that data extraction will normally look at the data contained within the individual studies while a mapping of studies will ask more general questions such as where the study took place, the language of the study, the year, the focus of the study, etc. 

You might want to consider having a look at our new book 'An Introduction to Systematic Reviews'. It covers the type of topics that you are asking about. You can see details about the book on the front page of the 'EPPI-Reviewer 4 gateway'. It is available through the publisher as well as on Amazon.

Best regards,

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