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26/07/2011 12:49

The following is a short list of changes introduced with version

This was a minor upgrade mainly focussed on bug-fixes. Behind the scenes, we are always busy making optimisations and preparing new features.

New Features:
- Reports Tab (main screen): renewed interface. We believe the new layout is cleaner and makes it clearer what to do. 'Multiple' reports are now 'Question' reports and 'Single' reports are 'Answer' reports.
- Added a link to the videos on the login screen.
- Find Similar Documents window: it is now possible to export the full list of Terms identified through the “Get Terms” command. Any terms with the word 'psychinfo' don't now get added to the term list as created by Termine.

Main bug fixes: (this list is not exhaustive, it does not account for a handful of minor bugs and many performance optimisations)
- Fixed a bug in duplicate checking. Under some very rare circumstances, items could be erroneously marked as duplicates. Only one review actually suffered from this bug and the review owner has been informed.
- Fixed some unexpected behaviour that could happen when changing back and forth a code-set from “multiple user” to “single user” and using the “Assign selected items to this code” right click command (Main “Documents” tab).
- Fixed a bug that caused EPPI-Reviewer to crash when running reports.

Known Bugs: we are still investigating, or in the process of defining the best solution for two other bugs.
- Reports: some reports are still able to crash EPPI-Reviewer (despite the bug-fix mentioned above), please let us know if you still experience this behaviour.
- Deleting codes and review statistics: if a code that has some children codes is removed from a code-set, the Completed and Incomplete stats will still count the children codes that have been removed with their “parent”.

HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (25/07/11 - V Latest Changes (25/07/11 - V

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