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12/05/2022 15:13

Version is release that includes bugfixes and improvements / new features, particularly in the "manage sources" area. The improvements are mostly implemented in EPPI-Reviewer Web, while the crucial bugfixes apply to both versions.

Manage sources improvements

In EPPI-Reviewer Web, the "Import / manage sources" page has been improved in a number of ways.

  • List of sources: it is now possible to delete/un-delete sources from this page, previously it was only possible from the list of sources in the "Review Home" tab.
  • In the Manage Sources tab, when editing a source details, a new system is now in place to prevent accidentally changing the current source and thus lose the unsaved changed.
  • List of sources: source names now wrap, allowing to see the full source names without scrolling horizontally. Deleted sources are now decorated with "strikethrough"
  • PubMed: the PubMed API only allows to download up to 10K references in one go. This was reflected in EPPI-Reviewer Web in a less-than-ideal way: the user interface did not allow to download search results past the first 10K results. This limitation is now removed and it's now possible to download beyond this limit (by increasing the "from" counter). The maximum number of references that can be imported in one single go is still 10K.

Critical Bugfix, deleting sources forever (both versions).

Completely removing a source from the database (actually deleting/erasing the data) takes time (for technical reasons, due to checks for data-integrity). This meant that deleting a source " forever" would often time-out. This feature has now been re-written so that, while it can sometimes take longer, it should not time out.
The user interfaces have been updated to accommodate the new system, changes include:

  • Any "currently being deleted" source will have its own distinct appearance; explicitly listing items from such sources is not allowed (they are about to disappear), as is changing their "deleted/not-deleted" status.
  • Only one "delete source forever" task can be active at any given time for a given review.
  • When a "delete source forever" task is started, EPPI-Reviewer will wait up to 30s for the task to complete. If the deletion is taking longer than that, the task will be left to run in the background and the user notified about this fact.

List of sources in the "Review Home" tab

In EPPI-Reviewer Web, this list has had a facelift mirroring the look and feel of the equivalent list in "Manage sources".
The "sources report" functionality now shows its loading progress (it can take some time to complete, for larger reviews) and also gained a "Cancel" button/function.

Other Changes in EPPI-Reviewer Web

New feature: on the EPPI-Reviewer header, a new "Support..." button is present. Clicking it will open a "pre-compiled" email window (using your default email program). This email is automatically addressed to EPPISupport and will contain two (hopefully useful) details: the Review ID and an indication of the page from where the button was clicked. [Please note that the "Feedback" functionality is not there to ask questions: we do read your suggestions, but are often too busy to reply to all of them.]

New Feature: in the review home tab, it's now possible to rename the current review, by clicking on "Edit review". This functionality is only available to users with the Review Administrator role. [We expect to add "role management" functionalities as well in due course.]

New Feature: edit account. The new "Edit account" button (also in "Review Home") allows to edit the following account details: "Display name", Email address, username and password.

New Feature: edit search and custom classifier names. In the "Search" tab, it's now possible to edit the search names (previously this was only possible in version 4). Moreover, via the "classify" button, it is now also possible to edit the name of custom classifiers that belong to the current review (this functionality is not available in version 4).

Critical bugfix: we recently discovered that, despite the existing checks, it was possible to trigger the "Find new duplicates" routine multiple concurrent times for a given review. As a result, groups might be created (or updated) in the wrong way, disrupting the ability to "Mark as duplicate" in the affected groups. This should now not be possible.

Bugfix: edit item details from Priority Screening. It is now possible to ‘edit’ bibliographic information when using Priority Screening.

Bugfix: EPPI-Visualiser maps. It is now possible to select the root of a coding tool to specify the "Segments" dimension for maps in EPPI-Visualiser. Before, the selection was "allowed", but the resulting map (pre-configured or produced on the fly) would be empty. This problem is now resolved.


HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (12/05/2022 - V Changes (12/05/2022 - V

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