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08/03/2022 13:43
Version is a relatively small update, which includes new ways to "filter out" unwanted references from search results in the "Update Review" pages, so to avoid importing them unnecessarily. EPPI-Reviewer web gains a few new reports, on "Linked items" and about imported sources.

Update Review: new "filters" on import routines

When importing references from the "Update reviews" pages, especially when it's common to have many thousands of references to import in a single go, EPPI-Reviewer provides a system to "filter out" references, which will reduce the number of imported references. Until now, this system allowed to exclude references based on a simple string matching algorithm operating on "Journal name", URL and DOI. In this update, EPPI-Reviewer 4 has gained a few new filtering options, while in EPPI-Reviewer Web, only one of those has been implemented. The details:
- In "Keep up to date" and "Search and Browse" tabs (both versions), it is now possible to filter (out) also based on strings appearing in the "Title" field.
- In EPPI-Reviewer 4, "Keep up to date" tab, it is now possible to filter (out) also based on the publication type (Journal Article, Conference Paper, Book Chapter, Book, Dataset, Repository, Thesis and "Unknown" - these are "native" types as represented in OpenAlex).
- In EPPI-Reviewer 4, "Bring up to date" tab, all aforementioned filters are now available.

EPPI-Reviewer Web: new "Search" option

In the search tab, it is now possible to search for items that contain "links" to other items ("With linked references" option). This functionality is provided to match the new "report linked items" feature (below).

EPPI-Reviewer Web: reports on "linked items"

Two new reports have been added. In "Item details", when the current item has been linked to other items, a new "report" button appears in the "links" panel, allowing to produce a mini-report containing the main details of the linked items.
In the main "References" tab, a new option inside the "Export to RIS" dropdown menu now allows to produce a report showing the same data as the "per item" report, but for all selected items in the current page ("Linked report"). In conjunction with the "With linked references" search, this allows to export all data about linked items in one (or few) steps.

EPPI-Reviewer Web: reports on imported sources

In the "Import/manage sources" page, "Manage Sources" tab, it is now possible to create a mini-report containing the details about a single source. The list of sources on the right now also shows a "deleted" icon whenever a given source is marked as deleted.
In the "Review Home" tab, "Sources" panel, a new "report" button was added, which allows to create a report about all Not-Deleted Sources in the current review. This report includes fewer details compared to the "per source" one, as it aims at providing a suitable overview.
Naturally, we expect to expand these reports, so to provide options about what data to include, and perhaps about the general format of the report (horizontal vs. vertical).

EPPI-Reviewer Web: bugfix

In the previous version, two new COVID-specific classifiers were introduced. Unfortunately, applying those could (very often) fail when done from within EPPI-Reviewer Web (they worked reliably in version 4). This problem is now resolved.
HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (08/03/2022 - V Changes (08/03/2022 - V

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