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17/11/2010 14:48

The following is a short list of changes introduced on 17/11/10. Some changes will have a significant impact on everyday usage, please refer to the user manual for the details.

New functionalities:

Meta analysis:

  • ·         Intervention, outcome and comparison code types are available to organise the extracted data.
  • ·         Outcome categories are now available to facilitate sub-group analyses and to differentiate multiple outcomes in the same study.
  • ·         Outcome data are now displayed in coding reports.
  • ·         The outcome type ‘diagnostic odds ratio’ is now available.
  • ·         The interface of the meta-analysis tab has been redesigned to reflect the changes and optimise the ease of use.

Sources Tab:

  • ·         Added a column to count duplicates.
  • ·         As all items in a deleted source are marked as “Shadow”, the counter for deleted items in a deleted source will now always report “0”.
  • ·         Added a summary row to show total values; IMPORTANT: source-less items are not counted here – please refer to the “Statistics” tab to see the comprehensive numbers.
  • ·         The list of sources is now refreshed each time the tab is selected.

Searches Tab, two new functions are available in the contextual menu (right click) on the codes toolbar:

  • ·         Assign items in selected searches to this code.
  • ·         Remove items in selected searches from this code.

·          Reports:

  • ·         Many changes here, the interface and functionalities have been improved dramatically. Highlights include:

o   The addition of a new report type (‘single’) that simply reports the results of one code (rather than groups of codes).

o   The ability to filter reports by a given code.

o   The ability to run reports from the reports tab as well as the documents tab.

o   The integration of outcome data in a format that can be imported into other software (e.g. SPSS, Stata) for further analysis.

  • ·         Please refer to the User Manual that will be updated shortly.

 “My Info” Tab: now shows expiration dates for the current account and review (if applicable).

 “Status” Bar: this is the very bottom of the page, where information about the server status and current user and review are shown. The background colour of the current user and review will change when they are about to expire. A tooltip (short message that appears when you move the mouse over an object) will show the expiration date.

Layout changes:

·         Lots of small improvements in different places; added a message and link to the ER4 portal in the logon screen.

·         The “Year” field now is visible by default in the main “Documents” tab.

·         To prevent accidental data corruption, the “Manage Sources/Add New” will not accept user input while busy saving changes or importing items.

·         The sources list in “Manage Sources/Add New” is now filterable and can be sorted by source name.


Behind the scenes:

·         Fixed a minor bug that could prevent to upload PDF documents characterised by very awkward and rare structures.

·         Changed how Sources data is retrieved for in the “Manage Sources” tab (“Manage Sources/Add New” window). This eliminates the timeouts that some users where experiencing for very large reviews (40’000 references or more).

·         Fixed a performance bug that was slowing down document imports (from text files and PubMed).


NOTES: due to the very fast development cycle, it is inevitable that the User Manual will occasionally fail to incorporate the latest changes immediately. We apologise for the inconvenience; after a major update, please allow one or two days for us to update the user manual to include precise how-to and screenshot information.

HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (17/11/2010 - V Changes (17/11/2010 - V

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