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New Post
24/11/2010 15:10

The following is a short list of changes introduced with version (24/11/10). This was a relatively minor upgrade that was needed to add some features requested via email. I would like to encourage all of you to use the forum to request new features. We are always looking for new possible improvements and would be delighted to see an active discussion about what features should be added to EPPI-Reviewer 4.

Including and Excluding References:

•    Assigning items as included / excluded now is done via a dialog and you can either assign selected documents or all that have a given code.
•    As it is now unneeded, the button to mark references as 'excluded' has been deleted.
•    The icon to assign ' included / excluded ' is now an arrow and box.

Document Details window:

•    Changed the “linked records” features: it is now possible to display details about the linked references.
•    Source name is now shown along with other document details.

Read-Only interface:

The read only interface has been completed. People with read only access privileges will not be able to change review-data. This is done by disabling all data-changing controls. Access to all already present data is not restricted.
There are a few situations when access will be limited to read only:

  1. Expired account: when a personal account expires, a two weeks “grace period” is granted. During this time it will still be possible to log on the main EPPI-Reviewer 4 application, but access to all reviews will be limited to read-only. After the grace period expires, it will not be possible to logon on the main application. Access to the forums and to ER4 Manager will remain possible, even for expired accounts.
  2. Expired shareable review: when a shareable review subscription expires, access to it will be immediately restricted to read-only. Read-only access will be always possible until a new subscription for the review is purchased. In this way there is no need to deny access to data produced for previous projects (as long as the personal account used is not expired as well).
  3. Explicit Read-Only access is needed. It is not uncommon to need to grant read-only access to an ongoing review, the typical example being when stakeholders want to be able to follow a review in-progress. In such cases we will be able to assign read-only access to a given shareable review to any valid ER4 account of your choice.

The read-only feature is also the foundation of the (planned) access control features. It is our intention to allow review leaders to control the level of access that other users will have to a specific shareable review. For example, if a person will be supposed to search and import items (but not to interfere with screening and/or coding), in the future it will be possible to apply the same “read-only” limitations only to specific portions of the program.

Other Changes:

•    Search results are now sorted by relevance by default.
•    Source statistics are now exportable (“save” button on the sources tab in the main screen).
•    Changed the icon to delete items to a trash can.

New Post
25/11/2010 14:56

In the previous post I've mentioned a two weeks "grace period". I am very happy to announce that we have just changed our policy to something much more permissive. Please read full details in the About Trial Access page (read-only access and our future plans are mentioned near the end).

HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (24/11/2010 - V Changes (24/11/2010 - V

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