EPPI Reviewer at WWGS 2020


Jeff Brunton will be presenting a session on Evidence and Gap maps on Thursday 5th November

Full details and registration can be found at https://www.wwgs2020.org/5-november.html.

Innovations in presenting evidence and gap maps: new functionalities in EPPI-Mapper
Evidence and gap maps are a visual representation of the evidence available, or missing, in a particular domain. The EPPI-Centre mapping utility, developed in partnership with Campbell, is available to anyone using EPPI-Reviewer for research synthesis. This session will demonstrate the mapping utility’s functionality and show researchers how it can be used to present data in different ways. A number of new functionalities will be examined in detail. We will also look at ongoing work in creating online web databases that can complement and span multiple maps. We are starting to scope the next phase of development, so this session is also an opportunity for participants to help direct future additions and enhancements.

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