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This page describes how references types are "translated" when they move between EPPI-Reviewer and Zotero.

This sort of information is useful to spot potential data degradation issues, especially when dealing with unusual reference types, such as "Artwork", "Statute" or "Dictionary Entry".

Pushing data

The "Push" term refers to the action that moves data from EPPI-Reviewer into Zotero. In the table below, the EPPI-Reviewer types shown in bold are the ones for which we have made every effort in minimising "translation" issues. For the other, seldom used types, our focus was limited to ensuring the most important data is preserved (Title, Abstract, Authors, etc.) and that they will not cause push or pull errors.

EPPI-Reviewer Type Zotero (destination) Type
Journal, Article Journal Article
Book, Whole Book
Book, Chapter Book Section
Report Report
Conference Proceedings Conference Paper
Dissertation Thesis
Research project Report (of "Research Project" sub-type)
Interview Interview
Document From Internet Site (1 page) Web Page
Web Site (whole website) Web Page
DVD, Video, Media Film
Article In A Periodical Newspaper Article
Generic Document

Pulling data

This refers to the action where data is moved from a Zotero Group Library into an EPPI-Reviewer Review.

Zotero Type EPPI-Reviewer (destination) type
Journal Article Journal, Article
Book Book, Whole
Book Section Book, Chapter
Report Report
Report (of "Research Project" sub-type) Research project
Conference Paper Conference Proceedings
Thesis Dissertation
Interview Interview
Web Page Web Site (whole website)
Film DVD, Video, Media
Audio Recording
Radio Broadcast
TV Broadcast
Video Recording
Newspaper Article Article In A Periodical
Magazine Article
Artwork Generic
Blog Post
Computer Program
Dictionary Entry
Encyclopedia Article
Forum Post
Instant Message

Should you feel that we could have made better "translation" choices, please do feel free to get in touch. We are open to all suggestions, although we usually need to make pragmatic "return of investment" decisions, when deciding what to implement.


This refers to activities where data for the same reference is pulled from Zotero into EPPI-Reviewer, edited there and then pushed back into Zotero. Or the reverse: references from EPPI-Reviewer which are pushed into Zotero, edited there and then pulled back into the original review. We think of "round-trips" also when this sort of cycle extends to more pull/push subsequent actions.
Inspecting the tables above should make it immediately clear how round-trips can result in the degradation/loss of data, if/when they involve types that don't have a one-to-one correspondence between the two systems. For example, a reference that started in Zotero as a "Patent", will become "Generic" in EPPI-Reviewer and, if pushed back to Zotero, will eventually transform itself into a "Document" type.

Specific fields

Each Zotero reference type can potentially include "specific" fields that do not appear in other reference types, for example "Filed Date" in the "Patent" (Zotero) type. These constitute an extra difficulty when translating data from one system to the other. However, documenting in detail how EPPI-Reviewer handles each field for each type probably counts as "too much information", so is hereby omitted. Please let us know if you think we should document all details here. Otherwise, when facing specific "translation" issues, please contact EPPI-Support.

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