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New Post
22/08/2018 14:57

Dear Eppi team.

The function that allows the user to highlight key terms, based on their relevance, is one of my favourite features, and i use it extensively.

However, i would like to request that it would be possible to highlight more than one term at a time. Right now if i were to highlight "control group" as relevant, Eppi would add the terms "control" and "group" as relevant terms, which was not the intention.

I would also like to request a feature to enter key terms manually, as i cannot seem to find such a feature.

I know that both these features are available by editing exisiting terms in the terms list, but this seems more of a duct-tape solution to the above mentioned features. You'd have to first highlight the term "control", and then edit this term to be "control group", in which case it would be easier to be able to highlight both terms or to enter it manually before highlighting any terms.

In relation to higlighting key terms and requesting features, i was wondering if you were considering adding automatic feature highlighting via a machine learning classifier? Since it is possible to extract feature importance values for most machine learning classifiers, i was thinking that it should be somewhat straightforward to extract these values once a classifier has been trained and then highligt the most important features/terms.


best regards,



New Post
22/08/2018 17:12

Dear Rasmus,

before reading your full message, I was already composing my answer, built around something like "you can do both things, by...", but you successfully anticipated me! Anyway, I'm the one responsible for writing the "highlighting" feature, and I do recall that I had to disable the ability of selecting multiple terms in order to make it work. I then added the ability of editing existing terms specifically as a duct-tape solution in order to work around the limitations I (felt I) had to add.

I'm failing to recollect why allowing multiple terms right out of the box didn't work, though. I'd like to believe I had good reasons...

Right now, we are (still) extremely busy trying to build a version of EPPI-Reviewer that doesn't rely on Silverlight, so I'm afraid we are not too keen to write new features aimed at speeding up (relatively rare) activities. I will certainly keep in mind this suggestion when we'll reach the highlight facility for the next version, however, I can't at the moment provide an ETA, I'm afraid.

Your suggestion about combining "highlights" feature with the Machine Learning components is quite tempting, on the other hand. I will pass it on to our ML specialists, it might generate a few "new" ideas...

Thanks for getting in touch, I appreciate your kind suggestions and thoughtfulness.
Best wishes,

HomeHomeUsing EPPI-Revi...Using EPPI-Revi...New Feature Req...New Feature Req...Highligting more than one key termHighligting more than one key term

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