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04/02/2019 01:49

Some PhD students in my faculty are interested in using/learning Eppi Reviewer. They aren't looking to use the tool for specific 'projects' per se and are instead thinking of using Eppi reviewers for various assignments.

Are there any student offers/subscriptions?

New Post
04/02/2019 10:43

Dear William,


They are more than welcome to create accounts via our Account Manager, which will give them one month of free usage and unlimited single user reviews. (In addition, they will be able to use any existing collaborative / multi-user review that is shared with them.)

Once they have used their free month's trial, the cost for a user subscription is only £10 Sterling per month.

However, should they wish to carry on using EPPI Reviewer 4 on an informal basis, they can buy access whenever they need to in single month periods - rather than paying for a continuous or year-long subscription. (Note that they will always have read access to previous reviews, even if their user account has lapsed.)

If your faculty did find many students want to use the software, perhaps they could consider a site license, allowing multiple people to switch in and out of the license. The license could also cover a set number of shared reviews per annum. The overall cost would work out cheaper. Please email should you wish to discuss this further or arrange a quote.


Kind regards,

EPPI Support 

HomeHomeGetting started...Getting started...Questions about...Questions about...Student SubscriptionStudent Subscription

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