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06/02/2013 14:34

Version is a maintenance update. The bigger changes are all "behind the scenes" and shouldn't be noticed at all: we have upgraded the whole back-end infrastructure so to use the latest technologies. As usual, this is a pre-requisite to allow us adding new features in the near future. It is also a release rich in bug-fixes, with a sprinkle of new features.

Bug Fixes:

PDF Coding: the "regional settings" of some client PCs were unexpectedly interfering with the PDF Coding features. Specifically, the codes were correctly assigned to text, but no "highlight" would appear.

Running Reports: when executing a "Question" report, different attributes could appear in seemingly random order for different items. The order is now tied to the actual order of the codes in their codes tree.

Export to RIS could introduce an error in the month field.

Reordering code-sets: after deleting a code set, reordering code-sets could become difficult/unpredictable. There was a bug in the code that updated the "order" field of the remaining code-sets.

Completing the coding for a given item (for multiple users code-sets): when the coding was added just before "completion", the completion would not be saved. For example, when a third person was reviewing and completing double-coding disagreements, this third person would typically look at "live" coding comparisons, choose the correct option, add the corresponding code to the item, and click "complete". Under this scenario, the completion would appear on the interface, but fail to be saved. To make the completion permanent, it was necessary to click “save” before completing the coding. This is now solved: clicking on the little red "uncompleted" circle will ask for confirmation (as before), and will now save the change at the first attempt.

New Features:

Thanks mostly to users feedback, “Run Reports”, now include some new options:
1)    "Display: uncoded items". When unticked, this will remove items that don’t have any information to show for the current report.
2)    “Additional Text Tag:” defaults to “[Info]” but can now be changed. Leaving it blank ensures the tag isn’t shown. Contents of “Info” boxes associated with a code-item pair will still appear in Italics, but with no preceding tag.
3)    "Add Bullets to Codes", when checked (default) code-names will be preceded by bullets. When unchecked, code names will have no prefix.
Also in "Run Reports": optimised the code so that reports will run run faster when changing cosmetic options. In detail: after running a report, running it again with different display options will re-generate the report without having to get the report data from the server.

Extended functionality:

The internal PDF Viewer now supports a wider range of different PDFs. Major improvements are mostly connected to the ability to visualise PDFs that were generated from scanned documents.

Known Issues (update):

In "Document Details", "Auto Advance" option: assigning a code to item N will automatically make the interface move to the next item as expected. However, on the version described here, the new code "tick" may incorrectly appear also on item N+1. This is an interface glitch: the erroneous coding is not added to the "next" item, it only appears "as if" it was. Manually moving to the next item and back will make the real coding appear. We are working to solve this issue and will publish an update as soon as possible. In the mean time, please avoid using the auto advance feature.

New Post
07/02/2013 09:42

Version is a snap update released to solve the known issue mentioned in the previous post.

Bug Fixes:

In "Document Details", the "Auto Advance" option now works as expected. Code was also marginally optimised, producing some performance gains in a limited set of circumstances.

HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (06/02/13 - V and 07/02/13 - V Latest Changes (06/02/13 - V and 07/02/13 - V

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