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New Post
16/08/2011 17:51

The following is a short list of changes introduced with version

This update features a couple of new features in the user interface and some bug fixes and optimisations.

User Interface:

Main "Documents" tab.
It is now possible to define how many items will be shown in a single "Documents" page. With previous versions, the (maximum) page size was fixed to 700 items, it is now possible to change it to any value between 10 and 4000:
- Click on "select the fields you want to display below" icon (on the main toolbar, it's the one on the left of the "binoculars" icon).
- Set the "Maximum number of rows" field to the desired value and click "Close".
- This will reload the current page to immediately apply the desired change. 

"Codes" tab (main screen) and Codes column in "Document details".
New drag and drop support for re-ordering code-sets. It is now possible to change the order of code-sets for all reviews:
- Left click the root of a code-set and drag it before or after another set.
- Release the left click button and the dragged code-set will move to the new position.
Note that there is no risk of "nesting" codesets one into the other, even if you accidentally "drop" a set inside the code-tree of another.

Bug fixes and optimisations:

During the last month, another rare bug appeared in duplicate checking. Under some circumstances, changing the master of a group could leave the new master in the "shadow" state, making the corresponding document almost invisible. This was fixed on the run (well before this update) and is mentioned here for completeness sake.

Missing "Pages" information in Duplicate Checking: there was a bug that prevented the "pages" field to be populated in duplicate checking. This was solved as part of the current update.

Timeouts when "Getting new duplicates": when "get new duplicates" was triggered on a big review that already had many duplicates groups, the routine could time-out indefinitely, making it impossible to use the duplicate checking features for the affected review. This happened just once, but was enough to isolate and solve the problem. Being a performance issue, the responsible sub-routine was re-written in such a way to avoid the bottleneck that was hit in the circumstances explained above. Most users will never notice any difference, but I expect all "get new duplicates" procedures to be at least marginally faster.

Main items list: the routines that populate such lists were also optimised. The new version (published with this update) should be significantly faster. Since most of the time the list was produced quickly already, I expect this change to have some noticeable effect only for very large lists (100000 items or more).

Online Shop:

We actually published this last week, without the appropriate emphasis, mostly because we didn't really have time to celebrate.
The Online Shop for EPPI-Reviewer is finally available as part of the "Account Manager". There is a new tab in the account manager called "Purchase". When opened it will ask you to fill your billing details (this is a legal requirement) and will allow you to access the shop after filling them in. From the shop, it will be possible to renew any subscription (not only your own), provided that the right details are known. This will allow to delegate the appropriate people in the purchasing department of your organisation to purchase subscriptions on your behalf. To do so, the delegated person will need to create an account (as if it was an ordinary "trial" account). It is always possible to log on the "Account Manager" with an existing account (even if expired). This will allow delegates to purchase accounts for other people (without needing to renew their own subscription) and will also allow everybody to renew expired accounts only when needed.
The other features of the shop will be explained in detail at a later time including an instructional video.
The shop accepts debit and credit cards from the Visa circuit and MasterCard credit cards.

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