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21/02/2020 12:24

Version is a quick, out-of-schedule release containing bugfixes for EPPI-Reviewer Web and the first live deployment of Microsoft Academic (for testing / R&D), this new feature is available in version 4, on invitation.

EPPI-Reviewer 4 - Microsoft Academic Browser

This release sees the first live deployment of Microsoft Academic for testing within a selected number of reviews. You can read more about this work here and in a presentation given at the Virtual Cochrane Colloquium here. Once testing is complete, this functionality will become available to all EPPI-Reviewer users.

EPPI-Reviewer Web - bugfixes and one new feature

New feature: refresh Coding Tools
In EPPI-Reviewer Web, Coding Tools are loaded when opening a review. For shared reviews, it's possible for other people to edit coding tools, leaving the currently logged on users unaware of the changes. Re-opening a review would automatically update the coding tools, but to make this easier and quicker, in the main screen (Coding tools column) it's now possible to click on a new "refresh" button.

Critical Bug - PDF coding
Although this bug was probably present from the start, we discovered it only recently, via our own testing protocols. We classified it internally as a Critical Bug because its effect is a failure to save user-generated data. In detail: while associating text from a PDF to codes, it was possible for the user interface to temporarily make it look like an association was saved, when in fact it wasn't. Process to produce the bug was: (1) within a single page of a PDF, associate one text selection to a code. (2) Without changing the selected code or the PDF, delete the association. (3) Create a new association. The user interface would show the new association as a valid and saved selection, but in fact the "save" operation had failed silently. This was due to the fact that step (2) was faulty, leaving a trace of the deleted association on the client side, even after the deletion. Re-visiting the PDF at a later time would reload the data from the database, revealing that the selection done in (3) had not been saved.
Unfortunately, since we are dealing with missing data, we have no way to retrospectively identify what has not been saved. However, if you think you might have been affected and wish to discuss this with us, please feel free to contact us via

Editing Coding tools
In the "Item details" page, it is possible to edit coding tools on the fly; however, some of these changes were not immediately picked-up in the main page, so they wouldn't automatically show in the coding tools column. This problem is now resolved.

Main screen - coding tools column
When a review contains no coding tools, the coding tools column shows a button that allows to go directly to the "import coding tools" page. This button had stopped working and is now active again.

Item Details - Live comparisons #1
In the item details page, it was not possible to select any text shown in the live comparisons panel. Doing so is useful when reconciling coding differences on a per-item basis (mostly done in multiple data-extraction exercises). For example, selecting the text added via the Info box by one reviewer would allow to copy and paste it within the coding version that is being adjusted, before completing it. The problem is now solved, making such procedures possible.

Item Details - Live comparisons #2
Editing some coding while using live comparisons could make some double-entries (temporarily) appear in the live comparison panel - problem would disappear if one changed item and returned. The problem is now solved and should not happen again.

Coding UI - loading all included items
The Coding UI is designed to provide access only to lists of items that have been explicitly assigned to the current user. However, by following a specific sequence of opening/changing reviews and User Interface (full or Coding UI), it was possible to trick the Coding UI into loading the full list of the included items. This problem is now solved.

Coding UI - coding tools not loading
If users opened a review in the Coding UI while already being in the Coding UI (any review), the first time they opened the "Item Details" page, the Coding Tools would be missing. Going back to the main screen and re-opening the coding tools would solve the problem. This problem has been fixed. [Minor new feature, added with this bugfix: the main screen of the Coding UI now shows the "loading" spinning circles, when data is being loaded.]

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