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New Post
09/05/2017 16:32

Version is a small incremental update. Includes one tweak, a bunch of new features and a bug-fix. With the exclusion of the tweak (feature change) all other updates were delivered in real time, as soon as they became available.

Feature Change: relevant/irrelevant term highlights.

A few users bought to our attention that colour-blind people had difficulties with the colours chosen to highlight Relevan and Irrelevant terms in Titles and Abstracts ("Document details" window). To overcome this issue, we changed the colours/format as follows:
Irrelevant terms: no change - highlighted in Red (Italics, Bold).
Relevant terms: used to be shown in Green (Bold), now are highlighted in Blue (Italics, Bold).

New Feature: combining ranked searches.

Some of the searches created in EPPI-Reviewer (term searches as well as the ones that use Machine Learning and/or text-mining) produce "ranked results" where each item found is associated with a Rank (or score). When combining searches, these "scores/ranks" were lost. New feature automatically combines the scores (if present) when combining two searches with the AND operator. All other combinations (using the NOT, OR operators, and/or combining more than two searches) will ignore scores as before. As a result, Combining the results of two Machine Learning searches will produce a new ranked search (and allow to Visualise the resulting distribution). Combining two searches where only one has "scores/ranking" will preserve the "scores/ranking" values, combining two searches that both have "scores/ranking" of other types, will generate new scores combining them on a probabilistic basis.

New Feature: "OVID RIS" native import filter.

OVID database(s) have the odd habit of returning RIS files where most references are marked as "Electronic Document" even when they refer to journal articles (which nowadays are indeed published online). As a result, EPPI-Reviewer was dutifully interpeting such references as "Electronic documents" ("Document from Internet Site", in EPPI-Reviewer lingo), creating some annoyances in reference evaluations and duplicate checking. To overcome this issue, we have created a new native "OVID RIS" filter, which is identical to the RIS filter except that it maps the ELEC (OVID-RIS) type onto Journal Article (EPPI-Reviewer).

Feature tweak: as more and more articles are published online, we found that sometime their URL was too long for EPPI-Reviewer to handle. To overcome this limitation, we expanded the size of the URL field from 500 characters to 2000.

HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (09/05/2017 - V Changes (09/05/2017 - V

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