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New Post
22/10/2014 11:30

Version is a mix of new features and bug fixes. Highlights include: added support for Google Chrome in Windows and a new logon page with enhanced functionality.

New Features:

Google Chrome in Windows is now fully supported. In the past, the PDF components didn't work, but this problem in now solved. See the Bug Fixes section for more details.

The logon screen of EPPI-Reviewer has been redesigned. It now includes a richer selection of useful links, as well as a short description of the current release, with a link to the corresponding post in the Announcements Forum (what you are reading now). At the same time, the page now checks the internal status, in case communications with the database are interrupted a corresponding error will be shown.

Following a bug fix released in the previous version, we added some more interface improvements to the reports design tab. In the past, the report columns could shrink too much (when the number of columns was high), making it difficult to design big and complex reports. The current version now imposes a minimum and maximum width to report columns, and scrollbars will appear to make all elements fit as needed. Also included are some minor design changes aimed at maximising the working area (and reduce clutter).

Bug Fixes:

- The current version of Firefox (V33, released on 2014-10-13) developed a problem with PDF components. This prompted some in-depth analysis of what was going wrong, which allowed to identify also the similar problem that afflicted Chrome (in Windows).
Both problems are now solved, making EPPI-Reviewer fully compatible with:
Windows: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome.
MacOS: Safari and Firefox.

- When running reports and using the "Selected Items" option, if no items were selected, an error was displayed saying "Sorry: you don't have a report selected". This was wrong, and it now says "Sorry: you don't have any items selected".

- When running reports and asking to get an "Outcomes" report, this could fail for some reports (if more than one column had the same column title), this is now fixed.

HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (22/10/14 - V Latest Changes (22/10/14 - V

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