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New Post
20/05/2014 13:00

Version includes one important (and long awaited for) new feature and a handful of minor bug fixes. The new feature is part of our current work on improving the double(/multiple) coding facilities and is aimed to aid the screening phase.

New Feature: coding comparisons unsing a "Screening" code set type.

It’s now possible to use a different (less stringent) criteria to identify Agreements in a comparison that evaluates a Code-Set of Screening type. The aim is to allow users to consider "agreed" a screening coding even if the two reviewers have assigned different codes to an item, as long as they both agreed on whether the item should be included or not.
In detail:
When "viewing" stats for a comparison that uses a Screening Code-Set, the stats window will show two tabs, the first one, called "Full" is equivalent to what was present in previous versions. The second tab, called "Include/Exclude Only" is new, and counts agreements based on their “Inclusion” evaluation: since screening Code-Sets can only contain codes of "Include" or "Exclude" types, for each item coded by both reviewers, the system will consider them as either marked "for inclusion" (I), "for exclusion" (E) or "both" (B). Agreements are thus identified when the coding from both reviewers results in the same I, E, or B marking.
The new system allows to proceed with a double/multiple screening round and then bulk complete all items that are classified as agreement according to this new, less stringent, but more significant criteria.
Note: comparisons that were created before the publication of this feature will not show the new "Include/Exclude Only" tab, in order to use this new feature it is necessary to create a new comparison.
Note 2: if the properties of a code are changed from/to Include/Exclude types after a Comparison was created, this will be detected as a significant change and the "Complete" buttons on the "View" comparison statistics page will be disabled. To complete agreements it will be necessary to create a new comparison.

Minor bug fixes:

- When clicking "Print code set" (one of the icons on the header area of code-trees), the resulting report was ignoring new-lines in the "code description" field. This is now fixed.
- In the "Reports" tab, clicking on "Load" (main toolbar) opened a window showing the list of saved reports, if the list was long (or the screen small) it could overflow the available space, making the last reports very difficult to load. The problem is fixed by making sure that the list of report shows a scrollbar when needed.
- In the main Documents list, when a new list of items is being loaded, the current (outgoing) list now gets disabled; previously it was possible to request a new list and, while it was being fetched, click "Go" (to open the "Document Details") on an item from the old list. This created some problems, as the "Document Details" window assumes that the currently opened reference is part of the underlying list.

HomeHomeEPPI-Reviewer 4...EPPI-Reviewer 4...Forum announcem...Forum announcem...Latest Changes (20/05/14 - V Changes (20/05/14 - V

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