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EPPI-Reviewer is an application for all types of literature review, including systematic reviews, meta-analyses, 'narrative' reviews and meta-ethnographies. It is suitable for small or large-scale reviews (with some of our existing reviews containing over a million items).

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EPPI Reviewer Web

EPPI Reviewer Web is the latest version of our software, running on any modern web browser without the need for any add-ons or other installation. It works across web-enabled devices including smartphones and tablets - useful for screening on the move!

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We are always improving and refining the software and you can find details in our "Latest Changes" forum post.

Recent developments incorporated into ER Web include integration with Microsoft Academic, "wizards" to assist with setting up collaborative working, and new reporting functions such as the "Quick Question" Coding Report and Excel export.

  You can find EPPI-Reviewer instructional videos listed here. ER Web videos are here.  

EPPI Reviewer 4

EPPI-Reviewer 4 is the previous version of our software, though it is still widely used by people yet to switch to the newer ER Web. Launched in Autumn 2010, it has been used by thousands of reviewers across many projects, covering a wide of topics. Please see the Features page for more details.

Mac users

ER4 requires OS X 10.14 (Mojave) or earlier. Catalina 10.15 or Big Sur 11 users - see this post.


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Note that ER 4 requires a legacy browser or emulator, together with Microsoft's Silverlight web browser add-onWe have created set-up guides to assist you in running ER 4, available on our Manuals page.

Further Info
  • If you don't already have a user account, you can set one up via our Account Manager. We have a short video demonstrating the process here.
  • Resources including videos and manuals can be found here.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, please email eppisupport@ucl.ac.uk.
  • You can use either version of EPPI Reviewer to access reviews. Both versions use the same underlying databases. Anything you do in one version will be instantly reflected in the other.


EPPI-Reviewer is developed and maintained by the EPPI-Centre at the Social Science Research Unit of the UCL Institute of Education, University of London, UK. To find out more about the work of the EPPI-Centre as well as information about how to do systematic reviews, please visit our website eppi.ioe.ac.uk.

EPPI Reviewer was last updated on 11 October 2021 (version


EPPI Reviewer is integrating access to 230 million OA bibliographic records of research articles, connected in a large network graph of concept & citation relationships: the Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG) - updated weekly.

We presented our Evidence Mapping Tools at the What Works Global Summit 2020
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New Videos for ER Web!
Great for those new to EPPI Reviewer or switching from EPPI Reviewer 4.


We are pleased to announce that EPPI-Reviewer is part of the developing Cochrane information infrastructure.
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New Issue! Including statistical synthesis, computer-assisted methods, data extraction, longitudinal and panel-type data; turn systematic reviews into recommendations for policy and practice.

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