HEA database of research on workplace-based learning for undergraduate/pre-registration healthcare professionals

About this database


This is a unique database that covers research on workplace-based learning for undergraduate/ pre-registration healthcare professionals from around the world. The database includes primary research and systematic reviews published since 2004.

The database is a product of a systematic map undertaken by the EPPI-Centre and funded by The Higher Education Academy, The Institute of Education and Association for the Study of Medical Education.

The full report of the map is reported ADD.

Last updated: July 2013

Number of entries: 1,660 studies

Scope of the database

The database includes research that examines:

• Workplace-based learning in clinical and social care settings: This is an interaction between a qualified healthcare professional (and possibly patient) and an undergraduate/ pre-registration student in the health professions for the purpose of learning. Clinical and social care settings include hospitals, hospices, community settings and family medicine.

• Undergraduate/ pre-registration students in healthcare include medical, nursing and other clinically-based health professions, including allied health profession roles

• For a detailed description of the scope, see the inclusion/ exclusion criteria reported here/ ADD

How were the studies identified and included in the database?

This database is a product of a rapid systematic map. This means that the studies were identified using systematic searching and mapping techniques. For a detailed description of the methods employed to undertake the systematic map, see ADD.

Using the database

A variety of functions can be carried out:

The tables from the report, with their references, can be viewed here

  • Searches can be carried out using key words and free-text terms.

  • Reports enable visual mapping and analysis of the search results.

Help provides advice on using this database.

Recording your findings

To record results of your searches, you can print out your searches or reports, or cut and paste the table into word processing software. Landscape format provides the best results.


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This database is hosted by the EPPI-Centre which is part of the Social Science Research Unit at the UCL Institute of Education, London.