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Last updated: June 2012

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Welcome to the CASE database of empirical research marshalling in one place studies that examine the drivers, impact and value of engagement in culture and sport. The database was developed as part of the CASE research programme led by the English Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

There are 2 versions of the database:

  • open – this provides only the reference for studies, though you can search the abstracts and summaries

  • password protected – this gives you access to the abstracts and summaries in the outputs. For access, email

You are in the open version. Please read the Quick Start instructions to make the most of the database. If you want to undertake a systematic review, please contact CASE at the email address above.

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If you use the database, please acknowledge it in any publications you produce. We also welcome your stories of how (and how much) the database added value to your research. Email any comments or stories to

Scope of database

The scope, search and inclusion criteria for the database are set out in a technical report - please check this first before submitting your study for inclusion. If you think it should be, please email


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This database is hosted by the EPPI-Centre which is part of the Social Science Research Unit at the UCL Institute of Education, London.