Get Microsoft Silverlight  
If you have problems installing Silverlight…
Silverlight is reaching the end of its life-cycle, meaning that the number of Browsers supporting it is now very limited:
  • On Windows Machines: Internet Explorer is present and fully supports Silverlight.
  • On Mac Computers: an old version of FireFox can be used to access EPPI-Reviewer 4.
How To:
Please see our detailed guides in the Manuals page.
In there you'll find instructions for:
  • Windows Machines (for Internet Explorer and Firefox ESR version 52.9.0).
  • Mac Computers (for Firefox ESR version 52.9.0, including how to have two versions of FireFox working side-by-side).
Beyond Silverlight:
The Next Version of EPPI-Reviewer is available HERE.
Please note that:
  1. Currently under development, not all features of EPPI-Reviewer 4 are yet present.
  2. More and more features are being added to it, usually on a monthly basis. (See here for the release history).
  3. Works on all Modern Browsers (Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Opera and many more), including mobile phones (iOS and Android) and tablets.
  4. It accesses the Same Data, users can freely move from one version to the other, as and when needed.