EPPI-Centre database of health promotion research (Bibliomap)

About this database

BiblioMap, the EPPI-Centre database of health promotion research, contains over 14,100 records at present. The studies included in Bibliomap have been compiled over a number of years as a result of searching and coding research for inclusion in systematic reviews at the EPPI-Centre. All studies are coded for specific characteristics of health focus, population group and study type.

Using Bibliomap
  • Searches can be carried out using keyword and free-text terms.
  • Reports enable visual mapping and analysis of the search results.
  • Help provides advice on using this database.
Recording your findings

To record results of your searches, you can print out your searches or reports, or cut and paste the table into word processing software. Landscape format provides the best results.

How current is the register?

Bibliomap is updated each time a systematic review is completed within the EPPI-Centre's Health Promotion and Public Health Reviews Facility.

User consultation on the EPPI-Centre Health Promotion and Public Health Research Registers

We welcome any feedback on the utility and usability of Bibliomap. Please send any comments to EPPIAdmin@ioe.ac.uk

NB: please bookmark this introduction page rather than the other pages if you'd like to remember this address.

(Landscape mode works best if you are printing wide search results or report tables.)

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This database is hosted by the EPPI-Centre which is part of the Social Science Research Unit at the Institute of Education, London.