EPPI-Centre database of education research

About this database

The database of references in the field of education is being developed by the EPPI-Centre and Review Groups as a result of searching and coding research for systematic reviews. The aim of this database is to include all the keyworded references in all the systematic reviews; this enables searching for studies by their keyworded characteristics.

References for all completed and ongoing systematic reviews are included in the database, which currently contains approximately 3000 records.

Searches can be carried out using these keywords, or by using free text terms. Individual search stages can be combined in the 'Search History' using the boolean operators AND, OR and NOT. Several other functions have recently been added to facilitate searches on this database. Use 'Explore' to browse a list of studies which have been coded according to a selected keywording term. The 'Crosstabs' function can be used to generate a table comparing keywording terms against each other.

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This database is hosted by the EPPI-Centre which is part of the Social Science Research Unit at the Institute of Education, London.